Happy birthday to Mötley Crüe’Dr. Feelgood, the fifth album, released on September 1, 1989! Long live Mötley Crüe, and thank you for this amazing album! \m/ 💛

He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood
He’s the one that makes you feel alright ♥


I know both new and old AROHA are frustrated and sad that ASTRO are not promoting “Again” (unofficially called should’ve held on to you by fans) on any music shows. You’re disappointment is valid. But the longer we are sad about it the more disappointed we will feel. We need to look to the positive side ! (focusing on the sad only makes you sadder !!! life lessons from ani)

1) The reason ASTRO are not promoting on music shows. 

ASTRO didn’t perform on music shows because they were busy performing overseas concerts. That’s huge. It’s amazing that they are only about a year old and already holding several showcases overseas! 

Some people make the point that they could’ve just waited to release the album later and promote after the overseas concerts. They probably had lots of discussions over what to do about it. I think wanting to release the album before their anniversary along with wanting to perform the song at the 1st ASTRO AROHA Festival were the reasons they released it when they did. 

2) ASTRO not promoting on music shows still has positive sides

I understand that lots of you see “again” and the song itself in combination with the choreography had potential to gather new fans and possibly win on music shows, and I agree. It’s disappointing that they will not be promoting on music shows, but there’s still positive sides to this. 

It isn’t like ASTRO was a declining group and this was their last comeback to try and gather new fans, and they needed to win on music shows. ASTRO has time. They have yet to come out with a full album. There’s so much more ASTRO is going to bring us, this isn’t going to be the only song with potential to win. They are only going to come back with more than before and we’ll all be surprised again. 

Performing on music shows aren’t just a 15 minute show up perform and leave kind of deal, idols spend a long time waiting around when they film for music shows. ASTRO are able to rest right now instead of spending every day going to perform on music shows. 

3) School !! 

Rocky and Sanha are still in high school! The new term just started for them, so they can actually go to school right now instead of doing the promotions. (They recently posted a few selfies on them in their uniforms). Rocky even had enough free time to go bowling with his friends (Saeron(actress), Suhyun(Akmu), and Seungkwan(Seventeen))

4) Future concepts.

Think of this era as a “sneak preview” of what to expect from ASTRO in the future. ASTRO have clearly shown their growth from hide and seek to breathless, from breathless to confession, and from confession to again. “Again” is not ASTRO’s peak. It isn’t like this song is ASTRO’s only chance to become known. Their growth has proven that they keep working harder to improve for the next comeback, and that we can expect them to grow even more between now and the next comeback. 

People who don’t know about Again will have “Confession” ASTRO as the last thing they came out with. People who didn’t see Confession as something worth getting into ASTRO for yet don’t know about Again. You could take this in a negative way and think they are missing out (which they are) and that ASTRO are not able to promote and get as many as fans using this song. 

However, this just means that when ASTRO does come out with their next album, people will see an evolution from confession to next comeback, rather than how we see an evolution from again to next comeback. They’ll be double shook. 

5) The “Lost” Era

When future AROHA get into ASTRO, because there is no music video for this song, it’ll just add to the mysteries of ASTRO. The fan song on Winter Dream, the dance practice without an MV, the Confession MV that doesn’t have a dance practice. ASTRO is so capable and they are showing it to us. 

Winter Dream will by no means be a forgotten era: the seasons concept ensures that. The seasons concept is really hard to miss: Spring Up, Summer Vibes, Autumn Story - just because they did not promote Again on music shows doesn’t mean people won’t search for the Winter album. 

6) Allowing them to build on their skills

I’ve talked about this before, but ASTRO showed from their Rising Star stages that they are fully capable of “darker” concepts. They even said themselves they were shocked that they debuted with such a fresh concept. The entire seasons concept has allowed them to build their experience with performing in the music industry, connecting with audiences, appearing on variety shows, lyric writing, and choreography making. ASTRO have shown intent and desire to write their own music, their own choreographies, etc. The seasons concept is over - and it is only uphill from here. 

Yes it is disappointing that ASTRO are not performing “Again” on music shows, but let’s focus on the happy parts!

I’m from the middle of nowhere in Minnesota you see, so the ocean has always been a curiously dreamy, ethereal, almost romantic thing to me. Over the years I spent a great deal of time with my eyes closed, imagining myself having the most wonderful adventures by the seaside. Doing things one can only do in dusk and glow and midsummer dreams, as if the back of my closed eyelids were a silver screen and I was a sentimental projectionist with hundreds of fanciful reels at hand, all ready to roll. Thus is the reasoning behind the title. I hope with everything in me that you enjoy the sounds on this record.
— Adam Young

Ocean Eyes || Owl City
Released: July 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

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