sm in 2017:

  • spelt boa’s name wrong for her *17th anniversary album (lol whoops also did i mention they just overlapped red velvet’s comeback right around hers tlak about consistency) and has a history of just not bothering to spell their artist’s names correctly in general
  • red velvet promoting their comeback before it was cut off for exo’s comeback
  • screwing over the release of holiday night with their supply always understocked, messing up the dates of the digital and physical release, and cutting off their promotions short after only one week
  • where’s f(x)???? there’s been no updates about them for awhile??? is amber okay??

some of yall: wow xD kokobop was the release of the summer sm really doesn’t disappoint, i can’t wait for nct666 to release their next single, etc!!


Meliora 2nd Anniversary Celebration: Singles Released From Meliora.

Cirice (May 2015), From The Pinnacle To The Pit (July 2015), and Majesty (August 2015).

He Is was released as a promotional single for the album.

Zenith wasn’t included on the original release of Meliora but was added as bonus track on the limited edition LP of the album and was also included as a 7" vinyl in the Meliora Redux Special Box Edition.

people truly believe that Taylor swift decided to release her album on the anniversary of kanye’s mom’s death like they really think.. they really think she WENT ON GOOGLE and looked up when his mom died and then declared “there’s my release date!” Um if you believe that far fetched, trying too hard to demonize her, ugliness feel free to shut up forever

why aren’t more people talking about the fact taylor swift is releasing her new album on the 10th anniversary of Kanyes moms death? like taylor is known for her meticulous planning where every little detail has meaning so there is no way that’s an accident (and even if it was someone definitely told her and she decided it was ok)

say what you will about Kanye but he adored his mom and it is beyond cruel to exploit her death in a petty feud

like it’s one thing to lie at the expense of his career it’s a whole other thing to use something so tragic as a twisted pawn in her game of revenge

Before You Can Argue-Zach Herron

Author’s Note: Zach imagine based on the line “Baby ‘cause I like you, you like me. Let’s just get together” (a.k.a. my favorite line) from INVITATION!! Cannot wait for the full album and for the anniversary of the band…I am so proud and MY HEART IS GONNA ERUPT WITH LOVE. Anyway, ENJOY!! :-)

♥ ♥ ♥

“Are you kidding me?” you groan over the phone, annoyance clear in your voice as you talk with Zach. “No I’m dead serious.” Zach says and you roll your eyes as you sit back on your bed.

You and the Why Don’t We boys had been friends for almost a year now after you met them at one of their first shows and when they moved to Los Angeles, you were ecstatic that you got to see your best friends more often as you lived there as well.

You bonded over your love for music and weekly trips to your local cinema to see the throwback movies they would put on. This week’s movie was one of your favorites, The Breakfast Club, but Zach had just informed you that the four other boys all had other plans tonight and couldn’t make it.

“Well what a waste of a perfect Friday night.” you joke and Zach’s laugh echoes over the line. “Don’t be so dramatic, (Y/N). We can still go.” he says and you gulp before asking the million dollar question.

“Who, you and me?” “Yeah just the two of us. Think you can handle me for one night?” he asks and you’re glad he’s not here to see the blush creeping onto your cheeks.

“I’m sure I could manage. You buy the tickets and I’ll buy the popcorn?” you ask and he agrees before the two of you arrange for Zach to pick you up at seven. “See you then.” you say before hanging up and turning to your closet to find something to wear.

The boys were obviously attractive, a trait that didn’t go unnoticed by you and certainly not by their fans, but there was something special about Zach. There always had been.

He’s everything you could want in a guy: funny, sweet, and always there for you when you need him. Rummaging through your closet, you settle on a lacey bralette under a v-neck t-shirt, completing your outfit with a necklace and your favorite pair of ripped jeans.

Not wanting to do much with your hair, you fix it how you usually wear it and check your phone for the time. 6:53. Zach would be here any minute and your heart races thinking about what he’s wearing.

“Probably something black,” your subconscious chimes in and you giggle to yourself before heading outside, your suspicions immediately confirmed when you see Zach pull up, a black shirt over his strong shoulders and a smile on his face.

“You ready?” he asks as you get in with a smile. “To die? I guess so if you’re driving.” you tease and he shushes you before heading to the cinema. The drive isn’t more than five minutes but to you it feels like an eternity and when you finally reach the movie theater, you hop out of the car quickly in order to escape the tension.

“Jeez (Y/N), I know The Breakfast Club is your favorite but chill.” Zach laughs behind you and you slow down for him to catch up. “Right. Sorry. I’m just excited, that’s all.” you lie as the two of you fall into step and make your way to the ticket counter.

“Two tickets for The Breakfast Club please.” Zach says politely and the girl behind the counter practically drools all over him as she hands him your tickets. “Any snacks?” she asks, her long blonde hair pooling over the counter as she leans closer to Zach, a simple act making your blood boil.

“Yes we want snacks.” you say, throwing an arm around Zach as you turn him toward the copious amounts of candy and popcorn options. “What’ll it be Zach?” you ask lovingly, making sure to glare at the blonde as you do so.

“Hmm. How about Reese’s, a large popcorn and a large drink.” he says and you agree before paying and heading to the soda fountain. “What was that back there?” he asks as he fills the cup with lemonade, the drink that the two of you compromised on to share.

“What do you mean?” you ask innocently and Zach thinks for a moment before dropping it. “Never mind. Come on.” he mumbles as he leads you into the movie arena and chooses your usual spot in the back row. The movie goes by faster than you’d like and when the credits roll you realize its because you were watching Zach more than the screen.

You took notes of the crinkles in his eyes as he laughed and the furrow of his brow when the suspense of the movie kicked in but most of all, you made a mental note of each time your hands brushed each other in the popcorn bowl and how many times you caught him staring at you.

“You ready to go?” he asks as he grabs your trash from the floor. You want to shake your head no, to stay with him here on a loop but you just smile in response.

“Yep.” And with that, the two of you are on your way out of the cinema and into the parking lot. “Can I be honest with you?” you ask him when you reach the car. “Of course.” he smiles and you surprise yourself with your words.

“I had a really nice time tonight. Just us wasn’t bad at all.” you admit and Zach leans against the car before speaking. “Can I be honest?” he repeats and you nod slowly.

“I told the guys not to come tonight.” he says and looks down to avoid your gaze. “What, why?“ you ask in confusion. "So I could do this.” He says and in an instant his lips are on yours, his hands on your cheeks, pulling you closer to him.

You hesitate for a moment before kissing him back–the abruptness of his actions startling you–but when you finally do its pure heaven, your lips moving in sync with his as the passion consumes you. When he finally pulls away his eyes seem to search yours for an answer.

“What did you do that for?” you ask him, your breath still unsteady from the kiss. “I like you (Y/N). A lot.” he blurts out and before you can say anything he continues, “And I know you like me too so before you can argue this, kiss me again?” he pleads and you happily oblige.

We’ll emote ‘til we’re dead.

Celebrating 10 years of Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

When you’re entering adulthood but still growing, music can hit you in such a deep and meaningful way. At least for highly sensitive creative types, there are moments of musical discovery that touch you and speak to you as though the songs were born inside of you, and you had just been waiting for them to be realized over the airwaves. This is where I was in 2007 when Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? came out. I had been moving through high school and college consuming new and different music like a kid in a candy store, and I was neck deep in sweets during the years I worked at my college’s radio station.

When the promo ad for of Montreal’s 10 year deluxe anniversary vinyl set for Hissing Fauna begins playing the opening notes of “Suffer for Fashion” in my Facebook feed, I relive the whole experience of the album. I do not just mean all of the songs. I mean the experience I felt listening to the album in 2007 – something singular and all-consuming.  

At this time in my life, someone who I had been friends with in high school said something to the effect of, “You won’t care about these bands in ten or fifteen years. They are just a phase you are going through right now.” (For the record, never say this to someone. Just let people like things.) The bands I were engaging with at this time included The Mountain Goats, The Blow, The Silver Jews, The Go! Team, and others. I believe most of them have aged well. John Darnielle is hailed as one of our greatest modern story tellers, and I listen to Paper Television basically any time a romantic partner rejects me. And any time since it’s release that I’ve listened to Hissing Fauna, it has felt like the first time.

Hissing Fauna has been referred to as a concept album, and when I started listening to it in 2007, I took this idea and fully extrapolated it in my brain. I looked at each track as a musical number on a stage. Our protagonist: a key member of a community of friends, musicians, and performers. He is plagued by depression and inner demons. They isolate him from his loved ones, plague his relationship, and keep him locked inside. Midway through the show he evolves – he comes out of hiding in a new persona. He is fabulous, aggressive, prone to flourishes and infidelity. In the end, he comes around, gets healthy, and is grounded by his family.

I could see this clearly. I staged it out in my head. I came home for summer break, and I tried to share the album with friends and family, but how can you translate something so personal and beautiful? How can you explain art that transcends regular songs?

Kevin Barnes in a weird coffin during the Hissing Fauna tour.

My fictionalized version of Hissing Fauna is merely a dressed up, stretched out version of Kevin Barnes’s most personal album to be released at that point in his career. He did suffer from depression. He did, I’m sure, hole himself up, have trouble writing, falter on tour, and eventually come through to be a father and husband to Nina Barnes and his young daughter. But these truths come through layers of upbeat, glamourous sound.

Of Montreal has an established history of bizarre, sometimes psychadelic pop records, and on a first pass, tracks like “Heimdelsgate like a Promethean Curse” sounds sassy and drug-induced, but when Barnes sings about “chemicals,” he is actually talking about side effects of anti-depressants. The song is a plea to the depressed brain, begging, “Please. Please work like you’re supposed to.” The bass line on “Gronlandic Edit” can read as upbeat, particularly while Barnes’s vocals cascade up and down the track. Meanwhile, however, the lyrics describe someone who is too depressed to leave his home.  

“I spent the winter with my nose buried in a book trying to restructure my character because it had become vile to its creator.” Barnes sings this right before the album’s turning point. The lyric is a farewell to the narrator that the listener knows. The following track, “The Past Is A Grotesque Animal,” marks the mid-point of the album where our singer morphs into Barnes’s alter-ego, Georgie Fruit. From here, the songs take a more agressive tone. Songs like “Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider” and “Labyrinthian Pomp” are catchy and fun, but they carry a serious sass and assertiveness that the earlier tracks give away in favor of more vulnerability. Georgie Fruit means business.

At one point during the Hissing Fauna tour, Kevin Barnes rode this friendly horse on stage.

For all of the glitz and odd song titles on Hissing Fauna, part of the album’s charm is how straightfoward the tracks are. Of Montreal knows when to be high concept, but they also know when to cut to the chase. Lyrics like “Somehow you’ve red-rovered the gestapo circling my heart” exist next to others such as “There’s the girl that left me bitter. Want to pay some other girl to just go up to her and hit her.” And all of it fits beautifully together.

I remember watching of Montreal in concert during the tour for this album. This was not a live show. It was performance art. I could not coherently describe the show to you now, but in the moment, when I was watching in awe, I fully understood every stage prop, every splash of body paint, each dark body suit, and how they all pertained to the narrative of Hissing Fauna.“ I remember fully appreciating of Montreal more than I have ever appreciated every other band. I admired how all-incompassing the Hissing Fauna experience was, from the arc of the album, to the show, to the album art. Certainly similar pieces of music have been created by David Bowie or other bands outside of my frame of reference, but as a junior in college, of Montreal seemed untouchable.

The albums following Hissing Fauna seemed different than the ones preceding it. Certainly the band was now creating music after receiving unprecedented critical acclaim. It was as though their new material was specifically an offshoot from Hissing Fauna (a feeling reinforced by their following albums sporting titles that could be found in the lyrics of Hissing Fauna). A post-Hissing Fauna of Montreal was a different animal, with Georgie Fruit making his presence known in the new material.

I cherish every time a favorite artist of mine reinvents his or herself, and of Montreal is a prolific band with an expansive discography. But Hissing Fauna will always live in my heart as a ground-breaking album, an album that made me love music in a completely new way.

Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to Mötley Crüe’Dr. Feelgood, the fifth album, released on September 1, 1989! Long live Mötley Crüe, and thank you for this amazing album! \m/ 💛

He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood
He’s the one that makes you feel alright ♥