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Florence + The Machine

Florence + the Machine  |  Mother  |  How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

How I long for the autumn
The sun keeps burning deep
Every stone in this city keeps reminding me
Can you protect me from what I want?
The love I let in, it left me so lost 

Forgive me, Mother, for I have sinned – I have sped up and illegally uploaded this most beautiful of all songs ever written.

seoul metro training center fansign ♡ 170505
translation: fantaemsie via light_0525

op: i’m not really this kind of person but, for almost two months now, with a low self-esteem i’m in a state where everything in life is hard. with no strength in me i told jonghyun that, nowadays, i’ve been having a really hard time. then he said: “what words should i give you?” then he really concentrated and wrote this. thank you, really, my mental pillar …, next time i hope i can happily and bravely stand before you …! 

on the album he wrote: “today too, there were exhausting tasks, right? you’ve worked hard. get some rest!!!! (you) need a day where you can rest too!" 

today i worked record store day and at the end of my shift i impulse bought a star wars record player and two albums so now i own a limited edition record player and four albums that are as follows: childish gambino’s because the internet, carly rae jepsen’s kiss, the killers’s sam’s town, and panic at the disco’s vices & virtues


saturday morning

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Hi jaepapi how are you my love are you OK???❤💋~jaefairy beautiful rosa🍑

Hello Rosa 🌹🌹🌹🌹 I’m doing well! I’m going to my first concert ever on monday to see my favorite band 😃 Their new album came out today too so that was super exciting! I also ate a bunch of pizza and Ice cream at the kids party too. So good friday is good. How are you? - Admin Jaefairy

Aoi Shouta S album bromide

My album arrived today! ^_^

I ordered from Comic Toranoana and here are the tokuten~

It’s a huuuge poster O.O


Bangtan's Skool Luv Affair 'thanks to' to each other
  • Jungkook: Lastly Bangtan! Rap Monster hyung, Suga hyung, Jin hyung, J-Hope hyung, Jiminie hyung, V hyung I love you!
  • Suga: And BTS!! Everyone is always doing your best, so I'm very thankful and I love you.
  • Rap Monster: And my beloved Bangtan! Jin hyung, Suga hyung, Hope, Jim, V, Kkook let's keep doing better.
  • Jimin: Monie hyung, shoulder hyung, seoltang(=sugar) hyung, huimang(=hope) hyung, V, Kkookie, I love you.
  • V: AND lastly MY FAVORITE Rwabbeu Monster, Jjuga, Jjei Hope, Jjwimin, Jjangkook thank you for walking on this road with me and I love you♥ let's be together for the rest of our lives x 1000 [t/n: yes Jin is missing lol]
  • J-Hope: Lastly our members Rap goemul(=monster), Jjin hyung, seoltang(=sugar) hyung, V, Park Jimin, ireumeun Jungkook~♪ [t/n: Jungkook's line from Bulletproof pt2] you know that I love you right!
  • Jin: Lastly our reliable Namjoonie, Yoongi, Hoseokie, Taehyungie, Jiminie, Jungkookie, because I have you I'm very happy and thankful

Just a little word in your ear:
We just booked our first show of 2016 today.
And did I mention we begin mixing our 6th album today too?!?!?
It’s set for a spring release next year and we are so EXCITED for you all to hear it.
More fun and games to be had afterall.
Whoo HOoo.
Love love love

  • BigHit: *releases teasers for JPN HYYH on Stage and Now3*
  • Me: Okay damn BigHit what are you trying to do when I don't have money?