album themes


i was dreaming of bigger things in
wanna leave my own life behind

Tbh like as a debut era baby, every time bap have a comeback I remember that this is some newborn babyz’ first comeback and it warms my heart a bit bc Im so kinda seasoned and used to this, like I’m hella excited but watching you newbies who are confused and panicking is refreshing

made my own music ask pls appreciate me
  • 1. A song you can’t listen to without a certain group of friends
  • 2. A song you need to listen to alone
  • 3. A song you need to listen to 500 times on repeat and still aren’t satisfied
  • 4. A song you associate with a very specific experience
  • 5. A song best listened to outside
  • 6. A song best listened to in the car
  • 7. A song the whole squad sings along to
  • 8. A song you used to love but don’t anymore
  • 9. A song you’ve loved since you were a kid
  • 10. Two songs that you ship
  • 11. A song with a goofy music video
  • 12. A song that you associate with a movie it was in
  • 13. A song you can’t fuckin escape
  • 14. A song to listen to when it’s raining
  • 15. An artist to listen to while cooking
  • 16. An artist you’d love to hang out with
  • 17. An artist you like but wouldn’t want to hang out with
  • 18. An artist you were once obsessed with but not anymore
  • 19. An artist you’ve loved your entire life
  • 20. An artist you’ve only recently started listening to
  • 21. An artist you’re embarrassed to listen to
  • 22. An artist you’d get into a fist fight to protect
  • 23. An artist you’d get into a fist fight with
  • 24. An artist who has also acted (even if it was just one shitty movie)
  • 25. An artist who deserves more love
  • 26. An album where you like all the songs
  • 27. An album where you only like one or two songs
  • 28. An album with a theme/a concept album
  • 29. An album you can’t listen to on shuffle
  • 30. An album to listen to in the car
  • 31. An album with cool cover art
  • 32. An album with shitty cover art
  • 33. An album where you can sing along to all the songs
  • 34. An album you have to give your full attention to to fully appreciate it
  • 35. A playlist of your current favorite songs
  • 36. A playlist for a 30 minute car ride
  • 37. A playlist for making dinner with the squad
  • 38. A playlist of songs you remember from your childhood
  • 39. A playlist to cheer you up
  • 40. A playlist to make you sad
  • 41. A playlist for your pet
  • 42. A playlist of the most embarrassing songs in your library
  • 43. A playlist for your funeral
  • 44. A playlist to put you to sleep
  • 45. A playlist to wake you up
  • 46. A playlist of your 5 favorite songs from a certain decade (asker must specify the decade)
  • 47. A playlist of your 5 favorite songs from a certain genre/subgenre (asker must specify genre)