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Album flash: Danger Days and Conventional Weapons

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lockscreens of harry at the rangers game in ny

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reputation theory::

so there was this theory about taylor and kesha writing together after kesha tweeted about writing with a grammy winning artist followed by taylor-like emojis a few weeks ago. now, this might be a stretch, but since we know kesha and taylor are on good terms and we know the ‘reputation’ font, kesha’s new tattoo could be a song she and taylor wrote together for the album.

look at the font. and it also makes sense that the title be called, “live free” as the album is about taylor’s reputation and reclaiming it. this could be the last song of the record like how “clean” was for '1989’ to end on a good note.

but again, i could be WAY off.

I saw a post complaining about stereotypes for Hogwarts aesthetics, so here's modern hopefully non stereotypical aesthetics.

Slytherin :
blowing your allowance on clothes.
being the only friend with pale skin.
being the only friend with dark hair.
nice restaurants where you feel out of place.
wearing the same nice pieces of jewelry everyday.
pleather everything.
screamo music to classical music.
being trained through childhood to play an instrument and knowing none when you’re older.
closet overflowing with shoes and clothes.
but not wearing half of them.
the family disappointment and the family drinker.
has an entire photo album dedicated to tattoo ideas.
do it for the aesthetic.
0 or 100 all the time.

Gryffindor :
most likely to have a LARGE family.
slowly became the favorite child.
has a lot of piercings.
got their belly button pierced in middle school.
secretly in all the fandoms.
secretly shy and innocent.
reads all the time and actually does homework.
constantly saying “fight me.”
but would never hurt a fly.
quit sports halfway through the season.
HATES hot drinks.
do it for the vine.

Hufflepuff :
making cookies for your friends, but eating them all.
long hugs.
attempting to garden.
petting all of the animals you see.
playing on sport’s teams all throughout school.
loving everyone.
to their face at least.
do it for you and your friends.
staying up until 6 in the morning when you have to be up at 8.

Ravenclaw :
knowing exactly how to do the homework.
but not doing it because the fandom life is more important.
“the book was better.”
the Original family disappointment.
but goes on to actual be successful.
the band kid.
looks like they’d like classical music.
but really listens to indie and alternative.
do it for tumblr.
wanting too many piercings.
shocking people with the fact you aren’t shy or innocent.
likes hot drinks.
going home in the middle of the day for a nap.
being a morning person who hates waking up early.


Two Ghosts 

                    –Harry Styles