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i feel like i hear westallen in so many songs now. 

LIKE THIS (any season, especially this one):

“If I had a thousand lives
I’d find you a thousand times
You know I’d come back again”

AND EVEN THIS (again could be any, but reminds me most of 2B): 

“When you ask me if I’m in love with you
I would say you must be joking

I would say I, I would say I am”

VICTON Reveals First Individual Teaser Photos For "Ready"

VICTON Reveals First Individual Teaser Photos For “Ready”

After recently announcing their official comeback plans, VICTON has now gifted fans with some teaser images!

On February 23 at midnight KST, the group shared their first teaser photos for their comeback, featuring members Hanse and Byungchan, with both a charismatic black-and-white portrait and a colorful and sunny photo for each of the guys.

External image
External image
External image

VICTON’s new mini album “Ready” is set to be…

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Ever since I was completely obsessed with Set It Off almost 3 years ago and found a new love for makeup 2 years ago, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this. And finally I came up with looks from Set It Off’s early EP’s to their First 3 albums. I’m so proud of myself and even more proud of these dudes for giving me the inspiration in the first place. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did doing it!!