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winds-and-whispers  asked:

inspired by your marzanna playlist post I went on a search spree and found a band called Furia. they have an album titled "Marzannie, Królowej Polski", which is an amazing title and feeds right into the confusing mess of Matka Boska-is-secretly-Marzanna uh, thing I have going on. but unfortunately their music is not in the least what I'd associate with her ;__; unless you go for a strong "winter is pain and suffering" angle.

imagine when I found them - the excitement! and then I gave them a listen and, well, not particularly my thing and not really what I associate with her, so yes, same :<


Photo Album: Warsaw, Poland in 18th century on the paintings by Bernardo Bellotto called Canaletto (Italian, c. 1721/2-1780), court painter of Stanisław August Poniatowski (king of Poland between 1764-1795 - the last king of Poland).


Photo Album: Today (15.07.2016) marks the 162nd birthday of one of the most revered painters of Poland, Jacek Malczewski(15 July 1854 – 8 October 1929), who was associated with the patriotic Young Poland movement following the century of Partitions. He is regarded as father of Polish Symbolism. In his creative output, Malczewski combined the predominant style of his times, with the historical motifs of Polish martyrdom, the Romantic ideals of independence, the Christian and Greek traditions, folk mythology, as well as his love of natural environment.