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Harry/Alex: Somebody’s gotta get off,so the rest of us could live 

Me at everyone else:

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Trying to find Harry in the Dunkirk trailer:

But what if the Two Ghosts video is an aesthetically pleasing MV of Harry sitting in an antique armchair with an open shirt(or no shirt)torturing himself over memories and like they do a flashback thing where it shows Harry with someone having fun and recreating the scenes he’s painting in the song???And Harry is holding back tears or he looks really sad and upset, because “they’re not who they used to be”??A really great angsty video, that’s what it’s going to be….

Harry is out there,doing his thing,about to drop his FIRST solo album,a Chris Nolan movie,working with Edward Sexton on MAKING his suits,preparing for award seasons and i can already feel a heart attack coming.We’re about to get WRECKED