album of terror

This song is dedicated to the giant orange idiot who’s getting a lot of screen time in the US at the moment.
—  Dan Smith before playing “Power”

In August of 1998 - 3 years before he wrote CARRY ON’s “A Life Less Plagued” album (B9R019), 16 year old Todd Jones wrote a letter to @BridgeNine and included $12 to order B9’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th 7 inch releases (our first one had sold out by then). Almost 14 years after ALLP was released and almost 17 years since Todd sent that letter to Chris Wrenn’s parents house, Todd’s first appearance on Bridge Nine has stood the test of time as a perfect hardcore LP. After CARRY ON broke up, Todd help form TERROR, writing and releasing the Self-Titled 12" EP (B9R034) and One With the Underdogs LP (B9R059) on B9 in ‘03 and '04, respectively. Todd came back in 2005 after helping form BETRAYED, releasing the “Addiction” EP (B9R064), but it wasn’t until 2012 when we finally released the live “No Regrets, No Shame” album / DVD (B9R162) for TERROR, which was originally recorded in 2003 that we had Todd in the mix again. By this time Todd had started NAILS, and he graciously gave us 2 live songs to include on 2014’s “This Is Hardcore: Live” LP (B9R215). Todd has had a long history of collaborating with the label and it has been an absolute pleasure over the years watching him continue to dominate with every band that he starts and every album that he is a part of.

We Spoke to Charles Manson’s Guitarist About Making Art While Serving Time for Murder

Bobby Beausoleil was an associate of Charles Manson and he murdered Gary Hinman, a crime for which he was sentenced to death. But he’s still alive and well, serving his commuted sentence in Oregon State Penitentiary.

I spoke with Beausoleil twice by phone recently. However, this interview is not about Manson or the murder. It’s about his life before and after Hinman’s death. Before the murder, Beausoleil was an up-and-coming member of the Los Angeles music scene, a guitar player who played with 60s-era rockers like Arthur Lee and, yes, appeared on Manson’s album Lie: The Love and Terror Cult.