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Dangerous Ties

Summary: The Mark of Cain is completely taking over Dean. You try to help save him from himself which leads to some disastrous consequences. [set during 10x22 + 11x23]

Characters: Dean x Reader, Castiel, Amara, Chuck

Warnings: moc!Dean, blood, violence +  brief fighting, character death[s], angst, feels (idek, maybe have some tissues handy?)

Word count: 1.5k+

A/N: This is my entry for @mrs-squirrel-chester 4K celebration challenge & round 2 of the album challenge. I stuck with the album Night Visions by Imagine Dragons and their song ‘Bleeding Out’. I adore this song so much. This fic is pretty angsty but it’s what came to mind when I was listening to the song aha. Enjoy! xx

‘I’m bleeding out

Said if the last thing that I do, is to bring you down

I’ll bleed out for you

So I bear my skin and I count my sins

And I close my eyes and I take it in

And I’m bleeding out

I’m bleeding out for you’

It was eerily quiet as you walked down the stairs of the bunker, the silence only causing more dread and fear to build inside you. Ever since Dean received the Mark of Cain, you could see him changing- as much as you wanted to fight it and deny it, you were fighting a losing battle and you knew it. But you loved him. You couldn’t bare to lose your boyfriend, you couldn’t bare for Sam to lose his brother. You were going to save Dean Winchester, even if it was the last thing you were to do in this god forsaken world.

“Cas?” you felt your heart sink in your chest as you saw the angel, your friend, lying on the floor, his face bloody and beaten. Quickly rushing to his side, you knelt beside him, your eyes falling onto the angel blade that had been stabbed into a stack of books beside his head.

Letting out a pained sigh you surveyed the rest of the room, the whole place was a total mess, books everywhere, along with two bodies. One of them just a boy.

“Hey, you’re okay. Everything’s going to be okay,” after helping him to sit up, you pulled your phone from your jacket pocket about to call Sam when Cas held his hand over yours.

“D-dean,” he choked, blood running down his lips as he tried to speak, the sound of approaching footsteps now coming your way.

Dean was still here.

Giving him a small reassuring nod, you helped him rest back on the ground before grabbing the blade and placing your phone in his hand.

“You shouldn’t have come here, Y/N,” Dean’s voice gruff and emotionless as he spoke.

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I wanna hide the truth
I wanna shelter you
But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide
—  Imagine Dragons, “Demons”

theverygentlebee  asked:

I thought of you yesterday when I was listening to some of my old playlists and Imagine Dragons came on! did you know that their Night Visions album was originally written for Spider Man the musical? and then, allegedly, they decided that the music was actually too good for the play and backed out, switched some spider-specific lyrics around, and when they released it it became a hit. Apparently that's why Night Visions has an apocalypse theme!

I didn’t even know spiderman the musical was a thing this is wild

Heart In The Ocean

A/N: This is my entry for the Gods and Monsters challenge hosted by @moonlitskinwalker [Happy Birthday for the 26th! Hope you have a great day!<3] my God/Monster was ‘Mermaid’ and my prompt was ‘I can’t believe I thought I could trust you.’ 

This is also my entry for the album fanfic writing challenge hosted by @mrs-squirrel-chester​  my song inspiration for this fic was Nothing Left To Say/Rocks - Imagine Dragons from the album Night Visions. [If you’re ever looking for fic inspiration, I definitely recommend them! Their songs are beyond amazing.]

{Sidenote: mare maleficus means sea witch in latin.}

Summary: You’re a Mermaid whose returned to land looking for a weapon to take out your kin after they recently killed half a dozen innocent men out at sea. But what happens when you meet the Winchesters who are after the same thing?

Characters: Dean x Mermaid!Reader, Sam Winchester

Warnings: language, angst, implied smut, character death(s), more angst, un beta’d

as always, feedback is much loved!

‘Who knows how long I’ve been awake now?
The shadows on my wall don’t sleep
They keep calling me, beckoning,

You’d never felt the way about anyone like you had about Dean Winchester.  

You were investigating a case where a group of men had hired out a boat from the docks, and only one came back alive. That’s when you first met Sam and Dean Winchester. 

The other five men on the boat were taken over board by what the man described as the most beautiful women he’d ever seen, and that they had scaled tails and fins. You knew it was probably the work of your mermaid kin. But, you had to make sure it was really them who’d been doing the killing, after all there were many more monsters who swam beneath the sea. You were thankful your Father had been human, it seemingly gave you a lot more control on the urge to kill while you were in your Mermaid form.    

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I have yet to be disappointed in an album K8 has put out. I think a big reason has to do with the fact I didn’t see their pre-2010 pv songs, which was my first exposure to them, as serious, masterpieces of songs. They were fun to listen to but at the time that was my only opinion on their music. Funny and odd. I didn’t have this image of them making great music and they weren’t all that popular at the time either. In contrast, my favorite groups before K8 (DBSK and Arashi) were crazy popular. I always heard of how awesome they and their music were  and I was in love with them as well. I thought highly of them and thought their music was the best. After 2010 I didn’t listen to either groups until 2016/17 when Are You Happy came out and I found some DBSK cds at a shop. I was so completely disappointed in those albums that I regretted buying them and wasting my money. I was so sure I was going to like them, in part due to hype I saw with the Arashi fandom. I held them and their music in such high regard for their previous songs, and their new stuff just did not hold up to those expectations. I didn’t have that with K8. For the first few months in the fandom I was stuck with only the Zukkoke Daidassou album which is probably my least favorite ever. To me, literally everything after that was an improvement.

I liked their Jam album. It’s not their best by far,  but I’ll keep listening to it. I mostly liked their non single songs aside from Noroshi and Panorama (I didn’t care much for the other title single songs). Nostalgia is my favorite. It has parts that remind me of songs from Imagine Dragons’ Night Visions album, which is my favorite American band. Do Na I and Egetsunai are fun to listen to as well. That s.e.v.e.n korobi song though. I’m glad they can spell seven and eight. Good job boys lol.

So yeah. It gets about a C.