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Photo Album: Rose hosts a house-warming party after moving into her new flat, and Dominique takes the opportunity to demand a “carriage ride-style tour.” Taken circa July 2028.

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I've read that your followers said that you deserve to go to the fansign because of the albums. Does that mean that you can't go to a fanmeeting unless you buy an album and a ticket is in there? Aren't there fanmeeting tickets you can buy like for concerts? Thank you for answering 💕

There will be multiple fansign events for the comeback, but since I want to make sure that everyone gets the special photocard which only comes with first press (first round of albums printed by Big Hit), I wanted to try to get everything organized for this fansign. There are 100 people allowed into the fansign and it is basically a lottery based on the number of albums you buy. I could buy 500 albums and still not get in, but definitely the more albums purchased, the better chance you have to get in. As this is only for fans in Korea, I wanted to use this opportunity to attempt to get into a fansign while helping fans through our blog buy albums to support BTS.

Do you know how long it’ll take for your information to get sorted out? I’d really love to order from you!

I’m contacting my study abroad program advisor at this very minute and I’ll post soon as to whether or not I’ll be able to hold this international order for the first fansign. If I can’t get the first fansign, I will most likely be able to hold orders for one of the fansigns! (I really want to get this sorted for Aladin though since I want to get you guys the special photocard…) So my advisor just replied and said that they don’t know how long it will take…I will let you guys know if I can hold this order or not as soon as possible. In the meantime, please don’t wait for me. If you really want an album with the special first press photocard please order now! I don’t want you guys to miss out…

I would be totally fine with this giving you a chance to attend a fansign if you don’t make profit tbh, and i like that you’re upfront about it, a lot of ppl who do GO don’t even mention fansigns/profits, like they’re doing it out of the goodwill of their heart. But if you don’t make profit, maybe you should write the questions you want on the post it? unless you don’t have any idea lol, plus they have to be short questions.

Thank you so so much. You don’t know how much it means to me to read this kind of message. I definitely don’t want to take any money from ARMYs. This is meant to be a win win win situation. You guys would be able to purchase albums at a flat price of just album cost + shipping cost, it would contribute to BTS album sales, I might be able to go to a fansign, and maybe even give post-its with questions from you guys (or maybe we can work out a letters thing). I know I’m getting ahead of myself since I don’t even know when I will get my Alien Registration Card, but I just wanted to let you guys know of this potential opportunity~
- Kylie

So this was um… hard to get on Vinyl for a while.  I feel like the only vinyl edition for a while was an autographed one through his website and you know, I am not so sure I felt like paying for that.  Especially because of the hilarious fiasco with To Pimp a Butterfly where people weer introduced to the wonderfully minimalist world of Kendrick Lamar’s autograph and felt cheated.  Anyway, I got this with my Vinyl Me Please order but didn’t know it would be in this package cause they said something about it being delayed.  But it came.  This is good.

So obviously I happen to like Kendrick Lamar as I purchased this album and have posted other albums of his on this very blog.  I like him.  I think he is very good.  I always feel self conscious because I don’t think he is the greatest artist of all time and I don’t think any of his albums have been my favorite album of that year.  And it seems that kind of gradation is not really acceptable anymore. I mean, let’s be honest it’s because of the internet.  The internet is a machine that destroys nuance and subtlety.  So I like Kendrick Lamar enough to buy his records and listen to them and enjoy them but not enough to declare any record the best of all time.  It’s a strange place to be, to feel defensive about only saying an artist it really good.  So you know, that has been my experience with Kendrick Lamar.  All that said, this album is flat out amazing and is a masterpiece.  Bar none I consider it his best work so far and as much as I like To Pimp a Butterfly and Good Kis, m.A.A.d City, his growth as an artist is remarkable.  Like, I think about Sing About Me, I’M Dying of Thirst, and I consider that a great song but it hardly feels like it is from the same person. His work has just moved so past that.  It’s just damn impressive.  I mean, I am a sucker for a twist ending and this record certainly has one.  I assume we all know it by now and I think it ends up defining this record because how could it not?  But even if it wasn’t there this record would be such an impressive piece of work.  Just monumental.  The beats are amazing and Kendrick’s work as a lyricist has grown to a level that I feel like he’s currently unmatched.  He’s just so good.  And so much of this is so good.  You know, I was going to post this yesterday because obviously I have heard this before, the vinyl is just nice to have.  But the truth was I didn’t feel like it.  I just wanted to listen and didn’t feel like dividing my attention because it is just so much fun to listen to.  It’s so good.

I’m flat on the floor with my head down low where the sky can’t rain on me anymore. Don’t knock on my door ‘cause I won’t come. I’m hiding from the storm 'til the damage gets done. Baby, baby, baby, baby tell me why you gotta make me, make me, make me, make me cry. Oh, lord if I told you once, I told you a thousand times. You can’t knock me off my feet, when I’m already on my knees. 'Cause I’m flat on the floor with my head down low where the sky can’t rain on me anymore. Don’t knock on my door 'cause I won’t come. I’m hiding from the storm 'til the damage gets done.
—  Flat On The Floor by Carrie Underwood
Hey Seventeen Fans....

I’ve seen several scenarios about Seventeen dating a fan based purely on the fandom’s wishes and fantasies.


Just in case you haven’t snapped to this realization yet;

“Jeonghan’s ideal type is someone who loves and buys their albums.”

Jeonghan flat out said his ideal type is a fan of Seventeen

Jeonghan will legit date a fan