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9 AM (Universal Time) : The positions Spring Falling achieved for now on iTunes General and K-POP Chart all over the world:
1st in:
Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, & Peru 
2nd in: Indonesia, Hungary, and Vietnam 
3rd in: Mexico
5th in: Finland, & Taiwan 
8th in: Malaysia 
9th in: Chile 
23rd in: Russia 
33rd in: WorldWide

iTunes K-POP Chart: 
1st in: Indonesia, Mexico,Hong Kong, Chile, Japan, Thailand, Singapore & Peru
3rd in: USA 
4th in: UK 
5th in: Canada 

Pop Album Chart: 
1st in: Japan, Hungary, Thailand, Peru, Singapore, Mexico, Indonesia, & Hong Kong

[source: YesungMorocco, SMTOWNGLOBAL, SuperJunior_EN Vyrl]

Humanz House Party tips:

Alot of y'all are probably confused on what to do, so I’m gonna explain best I can to help

•if you don’t know how to get directions, tap on the stained glass window when it comes up on your app, and that’ll show you where the nearest spirit house is and how far it is

•for me, the stick worked the opposite way (you didn’t follow the colored part, it was the wide part you had to follow) but i dont know if thats for everyone or if it’s a glitch

•km means kilometres, m means metres (just in case you didnt know)

•i can not express this enough (i only got to listen to the first song because i didn’t do this)
ESPECIALLY if your sprit house is far from you

•find some place comfortable to listen to the album if you plan on staying for the full thing

•you MUST be close to the spirit house to listen to the album (bummer bc the location i went to was really pretty and i wanted to look around while i listened but i couldn’t)

•once done with your gorillaz experience, walk around and relax, have fun! make sure you have the best time while out and about

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So much for that Nicki chick.

It was good while it lasted. 

“All these fake asses influenced by that girl
Dying from botched surgeries, what a sad world
But before the butt job, you was a Spongebob"👊💥

"You a Internet troll, a Web browser, I’m sorry
You can’t get her online with out Safaree” 👊💥 

“You animated like Nickelodeon, you fake, bitch
Only the kids believe in you, you St. Nick
Now when I shoot Nick at Nite, they won’t understand it
I’m Wild'n Out, bout to hit Nick with the Cannon"  👊💥

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Gorillaz Announce Global Album Listening Party - ‘Humanz House Party’

The band have also announced a global listening party for their next album, Humanz, which is out April 28. “Fans will be invited-via the app- to the Humanz House Party, an exclusive worldwide listening event which will allow fans to hear the new album in the full for the first time, “a press release reads. “The Humanz House Party will be the largest ever geo-specific listening experience bringing people together across 500 locations“


kaleidoscope eyes // panic! at the disco

Beautiful Disaster (Part 3)

Story Summary: Your best friend asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family gathering and you reluctantly accept his request [Modern AU].

Word Count: 1,531

Part 1 - Part 2

A/N: Just to let you all know, I may not be able to post an update next Tuesday due to the upcoming holiday weekend. Hope you guys enjoy the update :)

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“Thanks again for doing this. It means a lot to me,” Steve told you once more as the two of you were boarded on the plane, preparing your long flight to Seattle. Before you left, Wanda called and wished you luck on your trip, continuing to pester you about Steve. She was adamant that he had feelings for you and sensed that he would profess them. You were in denial, but Wanda was certain that he was going to make his move during your stay in the Emerald City.

Shaking away the thought, you smiled and gave a tight squeeze on his hand. “You’re welcome,” you replied as Steve suddenly interlaced his fingers with yours. You arched an eyebrow at this and he chuckled quietly, kissing the back of your hand.

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KNK V App Masterpost

    List containing all subbed KNK V Apps that came out till now:  

KNK V App #1 - Dance Practice (160201) 
KNK V App #2 - Album Jacket Shoot (160202) 
KNK V App #3 - Dance Practice (160203) 
KNK V App #4 - KNK’s Meokbang (160304) 
KNK V App # 5 - KNK’s Fashion Show (160305) Part 1 /  Part 2
KNK V App #6 - Table Tennis Tournament (160206)
KNK V App #7 - Youjin’s Birthday (160210) 
KNK V App #8 - Speed Quiz (160211) 
KNK V App #9 - Inseong & Heejun Radio (160212) 
KNK V App #10 - MV Shooting (160213) 
KNK V App #11 - Q&A (160215) 
KNK V App #12 - Playing Games (160216) 
KNK V App #13 - Hidden Box (160217) 
KNK V App #14 - Showcase Preparations (160219) 
KNK V App #15 - Jihun’s Birthday (160220) 
KNK V App #16 - Random Play Dance (160222) 
KNK V App #17 - Going To Schedule (160223) 
KNK V App #18 - KNK Radio (160224) 
KNK V App #19 - Cafe Talk (160225) 
KNK V App #20 - Signing Albums (160226) 
KNK V App #21 - Album Posters Delivery (160227) 
KNK V App #22 - Showcase D-Day! (160229) 
KNK V App #24 - Album Release! (160303) 
KNK V App #25 - First Fansign (160305) 
KNK V App #26 - Charades (160310) 
KNK V App #27 - Eating Show (160313) 
KNK V App #28 - Fast/Slow (160317) 
KNK V App #29 - Feeding Game (160323) 
KNK V App #30 - Hidden Box 2 (160326) 
KNK V App # 31 - Lip Reading Game (160330) 
KNK V App #32 - Water Fight (160403) 
KNK V App #33 - Guess the Body Part (160406) 
KNK V App #34 - Member Quiz (160411) 
KNK V App #35 - Hyung Line in Macau (160415) 
KNK V App #36 - KNK’s Dorm (160419) 
KNK V App #37 - CEO Game (160421) 
KNK V App #38 - Lyric Game (160428) 
KNK V App #39 - Tinkerbell Talk (160504) 
KNK V App #40 - Heejun’s Birthday (160508) 
KNK V App #41 - How Are You These Days (160513) 
KNK V App #42 - ‘I Remember’ D Day (160516) 
KNK V App #43 - ’Awake’ Album Talk (160527) 
KNK V App #44 - 'Awake’ D Day! (160602)
KNK V App #45 - 100 Days With KNK! (160610) 
KNK V App #46 - KNK’s Dance Class (160615) 
KNK V App #47 - KNK’s Cooking Show (160621) 
KNK V App #48 - Happy Inseong Day! (160701) 
KNK V App #49 - Outdoor Eating Show (160707) 
KNK V App #50 - Surprise Broadcast (150709) 
KNK V App #51 - Baseball Match (160714) 
KNK V App #52 - Lie Detector (160720) 
KNK V App #53 - Drawing Contest (160727) 
KNK V App #54 - Seoul Station (160730) 
KNK V App #55 - Holiday Talk (160804)
KNK V App #56 - Mokpo Surprise Broadcast (160806) 
KNK V App #57 - KNK News (160819) 
KNK V App #58 - ISAC Practice (160825) 
KNK V App #59 - KNK In Manilla (160902) 
KNK V App #60 - Making Juice (160909) 
KNK V App #61 - KNK In Japan (160918) 
KNK V App #62 - Limbo Game (160923) 
KNK V App #63 - Student Roleplay (160930)
KNK V App #64 - Eating Show #3 (161008)
KNK V App #67 - Happy Seungjun Day! (161028)
KNK V App #68 - Comeback Spoiler (161110)

I can’t believe we are really doing this and being OTT about the leaks yet again. They are literally streaming the full album via the app. There are hundreds of thousands of fans with said app who are hearing/have heard the album since Friday. Additionally, most fans listening now likely have bought or contributed the the band in some way- a concert ticket, a pre-order, even signing up for the mailing list and giving the website traffic, posting updates on social media (creating buzz), SOMETHING. Honestly, I would even call it a leak at this point because the music *technically* out. To see people genuinely trying to guilt other fans for simply listening to the album is beyond ridiculous like, please read up on album leaks or something idk. Listening to a leak in now way causes any significant damage to sales or anything, it’s not worth getting so worked up over christ.

anonymous asked:

You know what I'm thinking, what are you going to do when you realize there's no TS6 this year ... you'd better start getting ready for it.

ok sweetie see you later this year when we get a new app, an album and a tour announcement!