album and mv already recorded!

The fact that the jungsis album was already recorded, the fact that the mv was already filmed the fact that the second season of their show was gonna happen all of this and you still trynna say she wanted out??? when we all know she loves her sister more than anything????? GET GONE.

If Kwon Eunbin was already going to be a member of CLC, why did Cube even have her participate in Produce 101 in the first place? They said that she was already accepted into CLC back in December…but put her on the show because CLC wasn’t having a comeback yet? What? And the icing on the cake is that, to my understanding, the comeback MV and album photos with the 7 members were already recorded and taken before Producer 101 even began. I’m not hating on Eunbin, but at Cube for using Producer 101 as an attempt to mediaplay CLC.