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International Achievement of NieR Automata OST

NieR Automata recorded as one of the best performing Video Game Soundtrack Album in the history. It’s well receipted not just in Japan, but internationally. Here’s some of its achievement outside Japan:

  • Ranked #1 on Amazon Best Selling Album (Now #14)
  • Ranked #1 on Amazon Best Selling Soundtrack Album (Now #3)
  • International Success on iTunes by getting ranked on 7 countries’ album chart
  • Ranked #9 on iTunes Canada Best Selling Album, with 10 Days on Chart
  • Ranked #15 on  iTunes US Best Selling Album, with 10 Days on Chart
  • Ranked #15 on Top 25 Billboard US Soundtrack Album Chart

Check here for NieR Automata OST Japan chart performance


Super Junior D&E- Strength Of Love

Music asks
  • 1: Do you prefer CDs or records?
  • 2: What is the last album you bought?
  • 3: What is the last single you bought?
  • 4: A song whose music video is better?
  • 5: A song which is better than its music video?
  • 6: A song you listen to when you feel overwhelmed?
  • 7: What is your go to tidy-your-room album?
  • 8: What is the first album you bought?
  • 9: How do you prefer to listen to music?
  • 10: What is an album you'd love on vinyl?
  • 11: Which album is your favourite from your favourite band or artists discography?
  • 12: What album so you know all the words to?
  • 13: Most played album?
  • 14: Live albums or studio albums?
  • 15: Do you collect greatest hits albums?
  • 16: An album you'd die to see played live?
  • 17: Favourite movie soundtrack?
  • 18: Album you grew up listening to?
  • 19: Favourite album of this year so far?
  • 20: Favourite album, lyric wise?
  • 21: A song that sounds like it read your mind?
  • 22: A song you have cried to?
  • 23: An album you like from the year you were born?
Tablo confirms an EH comeback this fall and releases 9th album name!

Recently during a talk break during Epik High’s Seoul Jazz Festival performance, Tablo revealed that the trio will be coming back this fall with the 9th album name being ‘We’ve Done Something Wonderful’

He also said the title is related to a movie title, if anyone can shed some light on it please inbox or reply to us 🙏

The secret account has no direct information abt the album or comeback, all posts are vague and cryptic

We’ll update with more as we get it here:

me, breaking into sm: the repackaged war album will have re-recorded or the previously scrapped versions of every song with zhang yixing on them! he will have lines and he will write lyrics for and contribute to every new song!