album 5 theories


so since i figure you all are as excited as i am about this live chat and so i want to have a little gathering to talk about anything taylor related.

so like if you just want to talk about Taylor things like:

  • album theories
  • thoughts on the new era
  • your favorite taylor memories
  • your fearless/speak now/red tour experiences
  • your favorite songs

or whatever really, just come to my ask box and we shall party it up all night long! :) 

(i’m hoping this gets us even more pumped, if that’s possible…)

Album 5 - Skyline Theory

i think this could possibly work, as the Skyline shown in pretty much all the hints and photos is of New York. 

and if there are songs about Harry on the album (which i mean there will be, cos yeah), this could tie in with the NYC skyline. 

bc, where did Haylor go on their first date? Central Park in NY.

where did taylor attend the 1d MSG after party? NY.

Where did they spend most of their time together? NY.

also, taylor has been spending a lot of time in NY, but idk if that has anything to do with anything.

idk this is just a theory to go with the Skyline theory, but yeah i think it could work