album 5 theories

What I think about Album 5 stuff!
  • We will get a new single before iHeart
  • We will get that single and album news in August
  • I think that album news will happen closer to the giver than we think because any new fans coming from seeing the movie and checking out Taylor’s music would be perfect for new music and those of us that are established fans will go see the movie even if we get new music. Also movie box office and billboard are not in competition with each other so that wouldn’t be an issue.
  • Album 5 will have an October release but I think it will most likely be October 20th or 27th due to FGL releasing their album October 14th and while Taylor would definitely outsell them I don’t see Scott wanting that competition going on within the label.
  • I don’t think we know anything about the album as far as all the theories. I think they are all dead wrong, remember when everyone thought the first single of Red was “If kisses were wishes”?
  • We need to trust Taylor, the album will be amazing, we will love it and everyone needs to stop worrying about what she will or will not do or who she is working with on this album.

These are just my thoughts, feel free to disagree and know that these are not facts but merely my opinion and excitement for Album 5!!!!!

Album 5 - Skyline Theory

i think this could possibly work, as the Skyline shown in pretty much all the hints and photos is of New York. 

and if there are songs about Harry on the album (which i mean there will be, cos yeah), this could tie in with the NYC skyline. 

bc, where did Haylor go on their first date? Central Park in NY.

where did taylor attend the 1d MSG after party? NY.

Where did they spend most of their time together? NY.

also, taylor has been spending a lot of time in NY, but idk if that has anything to do with anything.

idk this is just a theory to go with the Skyline theory, but yeah i think it could work

First day of school
  • Teacher: what did you do over summer?
  • Me: blog about Taylor swift and listened to some crazy bitches about album 5 theories, oh yes and blog about Taylor swift

I’m trying really hard not to give in to these album 5 theories some of u guys are making but honestly….at this point…it’s all I have….if someone makes some crazy ass theory about album 5 being specifically about pineapples I’d probably like “it’s a possibility…”