BALLOON PARTY 4: Chromatic Horizons

Summer is here, and with it comes the nightlife, the buzz, the sounds, the lights, and with the reignited nightlife comes new music. Sounds to immerse ourselves in, new genres to discover. What is nightlife to you? Is it amidst a crowd of partygoers, lost in the music around you, or is it spent somewhere more refined, sipping expensive drinks and making lucrative connections? Or, maybe it’s something completely unique to you, and only you can express it and take us through your nightlife.

The music we listen to has changed tremendously since Balloon Party began, old favourites have grown distant, replaced by newer styles and hybrids, but one thing has remained a constant: the magic, the excitement, the vibe.

The most exciting time for a producer can be the time they spend exploring all these new and breaking genres, drawing inspiration from them to create something fresh and inspiring, and a big part of that is sharing that with others. The creative buzz from learning something new, the thrill of using your new knowledge in your work and hearing that sudden improvement, and pushing yourself further than you ever had before.

For Balloon Party 4 we’re looking for an album of moving, hard hitting music way ahead of it’s time. There is no restriction of genre, and you don’t have to look far to find what’s on the horizon. With breaking genres of EDM such as Future House, Hybrid Trap and Indie Electro, new styles influencing today’s Rock, Pop, and Metal, and with so many potential fusions possible, it doesn’t matter what genre you want to work in. Go out there and find something that inspires you. Explore your Chromatic Horizons.

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Announcing I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler, our new album.


150730  CNBLUE  4th Japanese Album『colors』 Cover Art & Detailed Info 
With 9 new songs and “Supernova” as the title track, “Colors” will have a total of 11 songs, including WHITE’s Irony and White.
This time, CNBLUE’s new album “Colors” will show a wide variety of unique, different music colors.

CNBLUE 4th New Album 『colors』
Release Date: 2015/9/30

■ First Press Limited Edition A
[CD + DVD] Price: ¥ 3,800

[DVD Contents]
・「Supernova」Music Video
・「Supernova」Special Feature
・「Supernova」Shooting of Solo Cut “YONGHWA, JONGHYUN, MINHYUK, JUNGSHIN”

■ Limited Edition B
[CD + DVD] Price: ¥ 3,800

[DVD Contents]
LIVE from ROCK NATION 2014.8.15  [first half]
1.Ryu Can Do It 2.In My Head 3.Wake up 4.Coffee shop 5.I’m sorry

■ Normal Edition
[CD] Price: ¥ 3,000

■ BOICE Limited Edition (FNC JAPAN STORE Only)
[CD + DVD] Price: ¥ 3,800

[DVD Contents]
・LIVE from ROCK NATION 2014.8.15  [second half]
1.Lady 2.Can’t Stop

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