mothy’s new album Trinity confirmed to be about the Three heroes! And Arth apparently!

I wonder if the new song “His king was born from mud” is about Arth… since it’s also sung by Kagamine Len (if you haven’t heard that song is from the vocalocreation album).

Side note! I think Anne is also on the cover next to Arth, as you can tell from that white and yellow dress next to Arth’s yellowish cape.

  • Sina:We heard that in the previous albums (I,Y,WWW) and this upcoming album (NO.X), there are many songs that you have composed. It is important for composers to have inspirations. Any methods that you personally use to gain inspirations?
  • Jaejoong:My inspirations are born within myself, I do not specifically go create them. There is completely no lies or fabricated contents (in my songs). I use my experiences or the things that I see and hear around me as the concept. Frankly put, this is not sufficient (to create) mainstream songs or lyrics. Although my songs are not always the best to listen to all the time, most of them are appropriate to listen to during a certain weather or when you feel a certain emotion.


Run (Versione Giapponese)
FIRE (Versione Giapponese)
Dope (Versione Giapponese)
Good day
Save Me (Versione Giapponese)
Fun Boys (Versione Giapponese)
Baepsae (Versione Giapponese)
Wishing On A Star
Butterfly (Versione Giapponese)
For You
I Need You (Versione Giapponese)
Epiligue: Young Forever (Versione Giapponese)”

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Standing Egg New Single
2016. 08. 03 AM 0:00 Release

8월 3일 0시에 공개 될 스탠딩에그의
새 싱글앨범의 티저를 공개합니다. ^^

#티저이미지만_봐도_느낌오시죠? 🌌
#스탠딩에그 #신곡 #발매 #예정 #standingegg #new #single #album #20160803 #release #スタンディングエッグ #韓国 #アコースティック #バンド #新曲

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