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Do you like fun and laughing and amazingly awesome characters that you just want to hang out with all the time? Then you’ll probably dig The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

Full video review complete with guitar playing and singing after the break.

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At the 2014 Allentown Comic Con there was a cosplay contest judged by celebrity cosplayers Riki Lecotey a.k.a. “Riddle” and Nicole Marie Jean. To keep the crowd entertained while they deliberated, they asked a spot-on Peter Griffin cosplayer to take the mic and he completely KILLED it! Fox should hire this guy to go on tour or something.

Check out this real life Peter Griffin in the video below.

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At NYCC I had the honor and pleasure of chatting with Roc Upchurch (johnnyrocwell on Tumblr. Follow him.) about drawing comics, a deleted scene from issue #7, and he the current statues of the upcoming Rat Queens animated series currently in the works.

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AlbotasTV: So I Gave Hideo Kojima A Munny Over The Weekend.

Hideo Kojima is a legend. He’s created iconic gaming series such as Zone of the Enders, Boktai, and, most notably, Metal Gear. The godfather of stealth action was at Uniqlo in New York this weekend celebrating the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary by doing a fan signing along with Metal Gear character designer Yoji Shinkawa.

See it on the bottom left? I gave Kojima-san this Old Snake Munny I made about four years ago that was featured on Kotaku. That’s right, spreading vinyl love everywhere I go!

Peep the video up top and let us know what you think in the comments. We also have an album full of pics from the event on our Facebook page.

Did anyone else hit up either of the NYC signings this weekend?

blogLIFE: Vinyl Toys > Games

Brownkidd is the founder of I’m Marc, the other dude. My dad showed me something called Space Invaders at the age of 3. From that moment, I was hooked to all things awesome: videogames, giant robots, and toys.

I originally wrote for a videogame website but always wanted to write for Albotas instead. So that’s what I did. I still love games, especially 2D fighters and shooters, as well as anything old. But designer toys have taken over my blogging life. Or should I say blogLIFE?

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten more and more frustrated with the videogames industry. It’s becoming more like the movie industry every year - publishers only banking on IPs that they can make a series out of, resulting in a lack of innovation or originality. Sure there are a lot of great modern games out there, but it’s not like it used to be. The Dreamcast was the last console with a soul if you ask me.

So over this time I’ve started writing more about designer toys. I started seeing these things in the local record store around 2004 and got familiar with Kidrobot. Then I started seeing stuff from tokidoki and started to actually collect the toys. Now I’m hitting up crazy Kidrobot parties and going to the Designer Toy Awards. Crazy stuff. Anyway, you’re probably here to watch the video rather than read a wall of text, so check it out. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

[blogLIFE is a series of short vlogumentaries told from the perspective of founder Robby “brownkidd” Weiss as he documents his quest to find the American dream accross the wild frontier known as the blogosphere. Take a peek behind the curtain and witness the inner workings, occasional perks, and constant struggles associated with running a semi-popular geek lifestyle blog.]


blogLIFE: The Story

This is the first of many in a series of short vlogumentaries depicting the ins and outs and ups and downs of trying to make a living as a geek culture blogger. Told from the perspective of founder Robby “brownkidd” Weiss, blogLIFE is a quest for the American dream in the wild frontier known as the blogosphere. Take a peek behind the curtain and witness the inner workings, occasional perks, and constant struggles associated with running a semi-popular Tumblr site.

Huge thanks to the rad peeps over at Sony who made this possible by donating an  Alpha NEX-F3 to our cause.


The First Ever Live Hangout!

We’re streaming live right now. Come say hi and ask us stuff!!!

Well, that was fun. Kevin got drunk, we chatted about the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 3 which is actually harder than the U.S. version, The Last of Us, The Conjuring, Dungeons & Dragons, and a buttload of other cool stuff.

Huge thanks to everyone who hung out with us and asked questions. Check back next week for more awesome hangs.

Kidrobot 10th Anniversary Party [Video Recap]

We had the pleasure of hitting up the Kidrobot X event at the NYC store this past weekend and it was all kinds of bananas. You had to be invited to attend, so imagine our bummed-outness when we weren’t on the list. We were all like “Don’t you know who we are?, bitches! Represent!” And then the Kidrobot peeps were like “Oh shit, you guys are the dopeness! Come on in!”

Or something like that, only way more polite and dignified. Because we’re gentlemen.

There were tons of toys and customs on display, free drinks flowed throughout the night, the DJ played on as an ever-growing crowd of dancers formed downstairs, and there were even free waffles from the tastiest waffle truck I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating at!

Huge thanks to Lisa at KidrobotNY and the rest of Kidrobot for the great time and letting us slip past the velvet rope. For everyone else who couldn’t make it, enjoy the video below.

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youtube LIVE! 8.25.13

We took a two-week break, but LIVE is back! This week we play catch up with general geeky news bullshit and discuss Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

CLICK HERE to go to the livestream page where you can hang out with us and chat. We’ll totally chat back because we’re cool like that.


Albotas LIVE NYCC Edition!!!

We’re back from New York Comic Con for our first LIVE in a few weeks. Let’s talk about geeky shit together!!!

Here’s the link to the thang where you can comment and chit-chat.