Western Denmark Trip : 

We left on Friday morning from Frue Plads in the city to travel by bus to our first stop in Aalborg, which is the 4th largest city in Denmark in the northern Jutland region. (about a 5 hr drive).  Our first stop was a new church on a hill.  Beautiful lighting and setting there.

Then we arrived in Aalborg at the Kunsten (art house museum) designed by Alvar Aalto.  There was an interesting piece that was a large box with mirrors covering all the surfaces inside, giving the illusion of being really high up inside the box.  Next we went to the Utzon center.  A newer building with interesting roof forms and boat motifs.  (Utzon was the architect who designed the Sydney Opera House).  We got a private tour of the building then took the bus to our hostel about 5 min away.  We then walked back into the city harbor front area to see some of the new developments there.  By this point we were all very hungry.  We had a lasagna dinner in a repurposed coal power station on the harbor, that now has restaurants and offices.  Dinner was good and it was nice to meet some of the other students on the trip better.  After dinner we were free to explore the city and find our own “entertainment (bar hopping)” as our faculty guide put it.  We walked along the pedestrian street, and browsed around for places to go, but ended up going to a 7-11 and getting drinks and hanging out by a fountain.  Later when more local people were out we returned to the main bar street, but some of us went back because we had to get up early again in the morning.