(these photos are from the day I found the kittens when they were both feeling well; I don’t wanna cause confusion! also, the grey kitten is the one we found overheating under a car a couple of weeks ago)

hi everyone!! I thought I’d come let you know where we are with the kittens! (here’s the original post if you missed it)

we took the sick sibling to the vet again this morning, and it turns out that despite sunday’s visit and our efforts, she was severely dehydrated (and still has coccidia). they’re giving her subcutaneous fluids again, and they’re going to swap her medication since they don’t think albon is going to do the job. we’re also going to have her stay with them for at least three days since I don’t think we’re going to be able to give her the type of care she needs to get better. luckily the vet was nice enough to give us a discount on that!!

all in all, this is where we are (so far) with this most recent visit:

and while I know I said earlier that I wouldn’t be taking donations, I think I’m at the point where I really should accept help…!! with this vet bill, we’re already hitting the $500 mark for these three kittens, and none of us were really prepared for any of these expenses. I’m still accepting commissions and selling prints, but some of you had expressed interest in donating directly through paypal, and if you’d still like to do that, my paypal is – even just a dollar would be a big help!!

I’ll let you all know as soon as we have any news! thank you again for all your help and support so far, I appreciate every message you’ve sent!!! I hope I’ve addressed everything here!