10 Reasons Why Harry Should Have Named One of His Kids After Hagrid

1) Hagrid was there for Harry his entire life
2) He cried when he had to give him up at the Dursley’s doorstep
3) He spent first term collecting pictures to give Harry his photo alblum
4) He always had Harry and his friends come to his cabin for tea or somat
5) He made Harry Christmas presents every year
6) He was at (almost) every quidditch match
7) He believed in him when most did not(tri-wizard tournament)
8) He always worried about his well being
9) He was with him till the very end (so we thought)
10) He loved Harry unconditionally

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[TRANS] 140212 Gaon Chart Awards - Digital Award (January): SNSD

SNSD’s IGAB win the award for January. Congratulation. Gaon statistics reached about 97million, ranked number one for January. Musical alike  performance concept and whole new music genre receive praises around the world. At America’s Times, SNSD is the only asian singer who received the 2013 song of the year, became a globally acknowledged singer. Sincerely congratulation. Please give the awards winning speech.

Our IGAB alblum, it’s an album that we had prepared it for a long period of time before we release it. With an exciting heart, we worked hard on our activities. And we received lots of love from you guys, last year January was really happy for us. Furthermore, last year, it had a verry happy starting too. We will release SNSD’s new album very soon. Everyone, please look forward to it. We will work hard to get this award in the next awards ceremony too. Please continue to love us. Thank you.

And also, we…
Yes, thank you…
We already debut for 7 years, hopefully we can be like this for a long time, together with seniors and juniors, performing better music. We are happy. In the future, we’ll also work hard to give a better and cooler music. Thank you.

Sone, thank you.