Albizia julibrissin

The parent tree of this seedling is blooming and now I remember why I wanted to grow it.

I thought it was some kind of acacia and I’m not the only one: the glorious list of common names on Wikipedia includes Lenkoran acacia, (among others such as Persian silk tree and bastard tamarind).

In Japan it is known as nemunoki, nemurinoki and nenenoki, all meaning “sleeping tree,” because the leaves close at night.

Ornamental, allelopathic and potentially invasive.

The Magic of Mimosa

The Magic of Mimosa

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Ah, it is late June, and the Mimosa trees are blooming.

My love and I went a-foraging in the wild forest of invasive plants that covers the empty lot next door. This lot would be almost impassable if it weren’t for the trails my dog has left in the romps that leave her covered with thorns and spiderwebs! The space is lush and chocked with wild blackberry brambles, honeysuckle vines, and the…

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Albizia Feyspirit, a solitary seeker shifter who patrols the wooded areas around Sandpoint Harbor keeping the balance between nature, local headaches (aka Kobolds) and citizens (aka poachers) with her bow.

Having had bad experiences with specifically humans, she dislikes mixing with other sentients and prefers her companions in the wild and the fey spirits who gave her the power to protect herself and the forest she calls home. She is still part of the Swords’ Guild, and is called upon once in a while to help with quests that involve the balance of nature.