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“Ghost boy”, they called him. 

They were, Friedrich learned, referring to the mute, white-haired, white-faced, red-eyed boy that lived among the BLU mercenaries at Harvest, his presence just as fitting there as every other spooky rumor that clung to the place like a stifling fog. 

He had heard quite a few ghost stories lingering about Harvest, and was not too keen on most of them. He had yet to actually meet the “ghost boy” in question, and he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to. He wasn’t even sure if he believed the story. 

In the end, curiosity got the better of him. 

Friedrich set out a chilly, misty morning in search of the albino boy, not in the interest of research, but simple curiosity.

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Mason was always nervous when she ran into any form of person, A mixture of concern and suspiciousness- She could never make clear who was there to honestly speak or stab her at some point in time. A lovely perk of being in battles all the time. Once more she felt those sickening feelings wash over her as a stranger was near. The woman placed her bat on her shoulder now trying to look not concerned for her well being. “‘Ey.. Ah, Can ah help ya’?”

thewildernessscout said:

[[ Why wouldn’t it be okay? Cody’s faceclaim isn’t an actor or someone famous like that. It shouldn’t really matter what the person in question is or isn’t. uwu ]]

((I guess I’m worried about it because he also got in trouble in 2011 and I don’t want to risk getting into some kind of trouble for using him. Then again, I worry a lot about that kind of thing. I should probably say who it is just to perhaps see if I can get some kind of opinion on it. It’s Pogo. I was watching Wizard of Meh earlier, and thought ‘hey, there is a resemblance between him and Rusell.’ ))

albinoscout said:

Ike’s face claim isn’t an actor. 8U it’s a model. not because he’s damn good looking, but because it just….. fits. :I)

((The faceclaim I found for Russell is Pogo. That’s why I’m a little bit unsure at the moment, in case it actually isn’t okay.))