anonymous asked:

How was Tiger Philanthropist a jab?

im not saying it was but its possible. the entire episode was about amethyst and steven being loved for doing the same shtick over and over again until amethyst got bored and left.

steven tries to accept change by doing his own thing, and everyone except lars loves it. and when steven talks to him about the match, this scene plays out

it felt like a jab at fans who ask for changes but aren’t satisfied with them, misunderstanding exactly why people have issues with the writing to begin with. it ends with steven and amethyst teaming up one last time and ending it with lars finally satisfied, as if we’re being told “hey shut up and accept what you already had”.

at the time the episode came out, i didn’t feel like it was right to accuse the writers of mocking their fans since it wasn’t as in your face as Historical Friction.

but after seeing Matt share an unused Keep Beach City Weird post where Ronaldo complains about how he’s not satisfied with the way things are, amethyst’s puma’s design, complaining about steven tiger being unlikable, wanting things to go with back to way things were and even saying that he’ll continue to watch it to see if it turns around.

its like. sooo childish lol and Matt was really proud to post that. I found Ian’s reaction to criticism a bit unprofessional but still admirable (like he had no problem with it so long as critics weren’t harassing fans) but matt, or whoever ran that blog, acted like a complete brat over the criticism