Once upon a time, a war raged between two powerful kingdoms.

Countless of young lives were cut short

And eventually there was no army left to stand.

The two kingdoms begrudgingly signed a treaty

And drew a border across the war zone.

The blood of the dead created a cursed land

And the hatred the dead felt created an egg.

The egg matured and hatched into a demon, Naga.

Naga felt the suffering of the dead and the earth.

So using his life energy, Naga invigorated the earth

And created the Dark Forest, where lost souls can finally rest in peace.


Hedgehogs in a Shoe

¡Me encantan los erizos! tengo 5 llamados Kiwi, Salvaje, Poussey, Juno y Wero. Hace un año hice esta sesión, pero no me decidí a editar las fotos hasta hoy.

209: Gef the Mongoose/the Dalby Spook

(This is for yesterday’s drawing, some technical difficulties went down and what can ya do? I’ll be posting a piece for TODAY later this evening though so no worries!)

This was done by the enchantingly versatile clive-gershwin-palmer

Really gorgeous rendering! Wish I could just jump in to the setting with the little mongoose! Not to glaze over the mongoose itself! excellent pose if I do say so myself!

Thank you so much for participating!


So I’ve been doing alittle bit of playing around between commissions. This big goofy pooch developed from a gorgeous character I adopted from YuchiCoyote a while back (see below character ref). I made a few minor adjustments to the markings but overall they’re the same. I fell in love with this color scheme and I was happy to adopt her! 

They are one of those dogs that live in a dog’s world with a somewhat human life, kindof like ADGTH? They love to wear human clothes even if they don’t fit very well. They also love to be creative and paints with their tail. Tail always has a different color residue leftover on the tip. I was originally going to have them be a female character but their design could go either direction, so I’m leaving genderless for now…or for good? Who knows! For now this works.

Yes, even Betsy can have a hipster sparkledog character. DON’T STOP BELIEVING!  

If you haven’t checked out Yuchi’s cute art DO IT NOW!