albino shark

fursona sketch 

uhhhhh ill start from left to right

uh Stormy is a shark and she is the captain of the swim team, and she is extremely happy and empathetic, always ready to help!

the next is Inky, a albino deer, shes thicc and mean and she likes to sing but she is too shy. she covers up her shyness with meanness…

Now Scarlet, red hyena,  shes a punk leader who scares everyone within her vicinity. shes a bit of an overkill… while everyone in her group brandishes baseball bats, she has a sledgehammer 


Did you know?: At 33 feet long, this albino Whale Shark was definitely a new sight! Divers were swimming off the coast of the Galapagos Islands in 2008, when this young female swam by.