albino jacks


To help with moving costs, I am reluctantly putting a few critters up for sale. The following ball pythons are available:

1.0 2014 Lavender Albino (Excalibur Line) “Cannoli,” 291 g. Eats live small rats. $350
0.1 2013 Het. Lavender Albino (Excalibur Line) “Éclair,” 680 g. Eats live or f/t small rats. $150. Take the pair for $450 shipped.
1.0 2013 Banana/Coral Glow (male maker) “Pepper Jack,” ~700 g. By Marc Baily Reptiles. Producing plugs and more than ready for your girls. Eats live small rats. $400
0.1 2014 Butter Belly (Butter x Yellowbelly) “Biscotti,” ~350 g. Eats live small rats. $175

Click on their names in the tags for more pictures. 

Paypal only. Prices are OBRO. I offer short term payment plans with a 25% non-refundable deposit for animals or groups of animals over $250. You must pay the remainder within 30 days for animals under $500, and within 60 days for animals $500 and over. Shipping, if applicable, is a flat $50. 

Please read my Terms of Service before agreeing to buy!