albino house snake

pastelferret  asked:

Red-footed tortoise and Red-tailed boa :D

First off, thanks for the questions! 

What pets do you want in the future?

Oh boy. So, like, in an ideal world where I become my own zoo I would want: a lucistic axolotl, a green tree python (one of the ones where they have black speckles, they’re gorgeous), albino cape house snake, brazilian rainbow boa, kenyan house snake, and MAYBE a super dwarf lavendar albino reticulated python. (I’m sure i could think of more but this would get long(er)). 

Do you have any pet peeves, what are they?

People flaking out on me, THE WORST. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go out of my way to work someone into my schedule, and they’ve bailed out at the last second. RUDE

I have an empty exo terra large wide terrarium that I was thinking about giving away since I’m moving soon and its just so bulky. But I would really like to do a planted terrarium someday and it seems a real waste to get rid of it. Its 36″ long by 18″ deep by 18″ high. I’m also not sure what I would keep in it. My most active appropriately sized animal currently is my male albino house snake but to grow plants requires lights and I’m iffy about putting an albino animal in a cage that needs to be lit for periods of time. I was told by another house snake keeper who uses uvb lighting that she has an albino who regularly basks and in fact seems to bask more than any of her other house snakes. I’m still not sure though. The other house snakes are fine contenders they just like to hide more and I’d prefer something more visible for a pretty cage.

I could brainstorm about getting something new. This is all in the future since I’m not going to be making a heavy bioactive tank that I will have to dismantle when I move again. Maybe a garter snake (or garters?). Any suggestions?