albino crows



Birth. Death. Growth. Decay. This never-ending cycle brings out wonders in both the natural world and the illustrations and designs of Scoutology.

Jared Peer

What if, at the moment of death, we could be certain that the earth was thankful for new spaces by which life could bloom? What if the predator was alway conscious of itself ultimately becoming prey? What if, upon incision of the corpse, flowers bloomed from the gaps reminding us of the aforementioned cycle?

Reminiscent of tattoo work with clean lines and dynamic compositions, many of Scout’s illustrations show their skill in observing nature and biology as they appear to be. Although stylized and employing minimal to non-existent gradients, the direct correlation to natural systems is reinforced by posted reference material. Deer skeletons, flowers, tattoos, birds, and landscapes make up a good portion of the non-artwork posts (alongside reblogged work by other artists).

An untitled piece, containing a vertical composition of a sphinx cat, alive and dead birds, and flowers that break out from a red diamond in the background, is a more recent work. A primarily black and white image, we find the cyclic theme of Scout’s work happening from both the top down and from the bottom up.

From the top there is a bird ripping at the skin of the cat and from it’s incisions spring forth blossoms and stems. The bird brings about a life and death at the same time for an animal that would otherwise be the predator of that bird. Following a more typical pattern in the lower portion of the image the cat has torn off the head of another bird revealing it’s rib cage as it’s head dangles just outside of the diamond. However, in their thematic style, the head hangs by what can be compared to as roots sprouting from the body.

Scout disrupts the typical chronology of life and death highlighting a co-existence of flora and fauna. The death of an animal will nurture the soil as it decomposes and allow for flowers to grow from it.

Another design titled Wolf Skull, depicts this decomposition in process. The skull is midway through the process of loosing it’s skin and fur as mushrooms and fungi spring forth making it a home for new life. Again we see a shape creating a silhouette, this removes the skull from being potentially grounded in an further scene and instead exults it as an item to respect. 

Lastly, two works titled Albino Crow and Albino Deer, give another layer to the work. In native cultures albinism in animals is seen as a connection to the spiritual world. This element of spirituality gives a second form of “life” and “rebirth” to the images. This appears most evidently in the Albino Deer where the deer is midway stitching up its own wounds that presumably brought about it’s death.

The final break in chronology, in death a new life, in life a necessary death, and strung somewhere in-between both is a spiritual existence.

Images courtesy of Scoutology

100th Episode Celebration!

In celebration for tonight’s 100th episode, we compiled a list of 100th achievements over the first 99 episodes of Critical Role. Enjoy!

  • 100th Point of Damage Dealt: Tiberius (Ep01, 2:30:57) Fireball
  • 100th DM Facepalm: Episode 60 (1:05:28) At Travis’, “F***ing Verizon.”
  • 100th Scanlan Musical Moment: Episode 23 (1:23:59) “With your arms, and your fists, and your legs, and your wrists. It’s in your head, in your head, you are fighting!” Inspiring Grog for the final round of the fight. (“Zombie” by The Cranberries)
  • 100th d20 Roll: Vex’ahlia (Ep02, 1:51:40) Initiative
  • 100th Day In-Game: Feywild: The party escapes the campsite of Sorudun the Happy, then stumbles into the lycan residents of the Moonbrush.
  • 100th Spell cast: Episode 05 (2:25:43) Tiberius, Glacial Blast
  • 100th Kill: Episode 09 (0:47:33) Tiberius, Dwarf Thrall, Ice chunks through right side
  • 100th DM Nat20: Ghurrix (Ep76, 1:08:38) Tail against Vax’ildan with Luck
  • 100th PC Nat20: Keyleth (Ep21, 3:50:01) Nature Check with advantage (Extracting Hotis’ eyes)
  • 100th PC Nat1: Grog (Ep27, 3:21:31) Perception vs. Behir
  • 100th Encounter: Kraken (Ep88)
  • 100th Arrow fired by Vex: Lightning Arrow (Ep22, 3:43:48)
  • 100th Transformation: Vax- Albino crow with one black eye, one yellow eye, and a blue feather (Polymorphed by Keyleth)
  • 100th point of damage taken: Percy (Ep02, 1:50:10) Umberhulk Mandible