TMR Imagine: One Fateful Day

A/N: Hi guys! My first imagine is up now! Hope you enjoy it! Requests are open!

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Type: Fluff, slight Angst, more Fluff 

Warnings: None

Prompt: You’re Newt’s girlfriend and Minho’s twin sister. You went into the Maze to help a fellow runner, resulting in you being stuck inside for the night. Everybody knows, no one survives a night in the Maze. You come back a year later, super fluff with Newt.

Notes: It’s kinda long. Sorry ‘bout that


   “Be careful out there today Y/N.” Newt warned his girlfriend. She giggled some and said, “I will be Newt. I always am.” He had his arms crossed as they discuss and she had her hands holding her gear to her body. “I know but, I’ve got an odd feeling about today.” He said a bit nervously, slightly chewing his bottom lip. “Hey, I’m the best Runner out here. There’s nothing to worry about.” She soothed. “I heard that you shank!” Minho called to her as he ran past them. She rolled her eyes at the fellow Runner before turning her attention back to Newt. He was giving her a look. “What?” She asked confused. “I don’t want you goin’ out there today, love. Whenever I don’t have a good feelin’, someone gets hurt really bad…or dies.” “Newt, I’ll be fine. I’m going out there.” She persisted. He exhaled through his nose, giving up, knowing she won’t let up. He took a step closer to her and put a hand on her cheek. “Alright, go out there and run like hell but you better get your shuckin’ self back to me.” She smiled at him saying, “I will.” 

She put her arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. He put one hand on her waist and left the other on her cheek. He kissed her with all he had, fearing it would be his last. It made her breathless. Literally. She had to break apart first just to breathe. They were both breathing a bit heavily. Newt rested his forehead on hers and said, “Please come back to me.” She smiled reassuringly at him and said, “Always have, always will.” He pecked her lips again and said, “I love you.” “I love you too.” She barely uttered before Newt’s lips were back onto hers. He held her tightly to him but she didn’t mind. “Yo Newt, stop trying to eat my sister’s face off! We gotta go!” Minho called. They broke apart, rolling their eyes but blushing. He gave her one last kiss and said, “Promise.” “I promise I’ll come back.” She pecked his lips once more before leaving his grasp and jogging to Minho, calling back, “I love you!” He put his hands in his hoodie pocket, with a small smile, and called back, “I love you too!” After discussing some things for today’s running, her and Minho ran off out to their section. Newt stood for a bit longer, just looking at where the two had just been. He sighed and shook his head, ridding his mind of the thoughts that began to creep in. She’ll be fine, he assured to himself a number of times before actually ending up at the gardens. 

Meanwhile, Y/N and Minho ran the Maze, changing directions every few minutes and writing things down. At about lunch, they took a break. Y/N sat against a wall as she opened her bag for the much wanted food and water. “So,” Minho panted. She looked at him curiously as she opened her bottle of water and took a swig. “Can you and Newt not eat each other’s faces before we leave to go out here?” He asked, making Y/N almost choke on her water. She started coughing and sputtering a bit before wiping her mouth and asking, “What?” He shrugged as he joined her. “Jus’ sayin’. It would be nice.” He said in thought. She rolled her eyes at him and took out her sandwich. “I’ll have you know, he’s just worried about today. Sayin’ he has a bad feeling. But that’s it, he’s just worried.” Minho stopped mid-bite and looked at her, knowing Newt is usually the person who can tell if it’ll be a bad day…especially if he’s worried about one specific person “Did he have a specific person he was worried about?” He asked. She shrugged. “He just kept making me promise I would come back out of the Maze today. It’s not like I wouldn’t.” She said, taking a bite of her sandwich. Minho moved the sandwich between hands for a bit before saying, “Yeah, it’s not like you wouldn’t.” He assured to himself before practically devouring his sandwich, making up for the lost time he used in thought. 

To lighten the mood a bit, Minho said, “You’re the best Runner out here…except for me, of course, your better brother.” She rolled her eyes as she finished her sandwich. “Better at being a sassy teenage girl.” Y/N mocked. “Hey, I don’t act like a teenage girl.” He defended. “Sure you don’t Mr. hair gel.” She teased. “Shuck you.” He muttered. She laughed before drinking some more water. “We should get going.” She noted as she stood up, putting her things away. She looked at her watch. “We’ve got about four or five more hours until the walls close. Plenty of time to map this section.” “Ah yes,” Minho started. “Section number seven, one of the eight empty sections here.” “Hey, we’ve only been here for a year. It might change when the year’s up.” She encouraged. He grumbled something then said, “Yeah, you’re right.” “I know.” She sassed. He shook his head and said, “The only way I will ever be able to tell if you’re my sis’ or not is the level of sass we share.” She rolled her eyes and said, “Oh yeah, besides the fact we look completely different.” “I’m tellin’ ya, we’re related.” “I’m not denying that fact. I came up with that memory you shuck-face.” “I know. And I just happen to be older.” “Sure you are bro.” She teased again. The wall began to move. “That’s our signal!” Minho shouted over the sound of grinding concrete. They ran a bit before continuing their daily routine.

 Newt in the gardens was a nervous wreck. Whenever someone talked to him, he would be very jumpy or just snap at them. He would always be glancing up at the North wall, waiting to see her come through. When his shift was over, he immediately went to where she would be bounding in, straight to his arms. There was about half an hour before the doors closed. Almost all of the Runners were back by now. Newt was biting his lip and digging his nails into his arms as he had them crossed, waiting for his best friend and girlfriend to come out of this bloody Maze. Within ten more minutes, they came barreling through. Newt let out a long sigh of relief and held open his arms as his girlfriend jumped into them, kissing him on his lips. Newt was smiling uncontrollably from relief and happiness. “Told you I’d be back.” She muttered as they broke apart. He smiled and kissed her firmly on the lips. “Thank God you did.” He responded when they broke. “Oy, get your shuck self over here and help me map out the Maze!” Minho called to her. She started walking off but Newt grabbed her to his chest, making her laugh. “Newt, I’ve gotta go write up this map.” She protested. He littered a few quick kisses on her neck, muttering between them, “I know…I just…am really…bloody…happy you…came out.” She laughed again but released herself from him. “I’ll be back in a minute.” She assured. 

“Where’s Ben and George?” Someone asked. They both snap their heads to the walls. “Oh no…” Y/N muttered as people started collecting by the wall. There was only five minutes left before the walls closed. All of the boys, Y/N included, crowded by the walls, waiting for the other two Runners. Newt had his arm secured around Y/N’s waist as Minho came up beside them. Then everyone heard some grunts. “There they are!” Gally shouted. Everybody immediately started cheering for Ben to drag George who was injured. “Leave him Ben! Leave him!” A few of the boys shouted. Y/N looked at the ones who said that in complete shock and horror. They’ve been through so much and they are saying to just leave him? Y/N couldn’t believe it. She looked up at Newt to see his jaw clenched in anticipation and his eyes set on the two boys in front of him. She turned to see Minho shouting for them to hurry up, that they would make it. Ben then collapsed on the ground, causing a bigger uproar. He scrambled up to his feet and bolted, leaving George. The boys pulled Ben in, him collapsing back on the ground in relief. The boys swarmed him and asked questions, telling of their relief, of those sorts.

 Y/N looked back at George who was crying and begging for someone to come help him. She looked down in thought, chewing her bottom lip. She looked up at Newt who was smiling and joining the boys in their ruckus. She then looked at Minho and saw him on the ground beside Ben, asking for Med-jacks and asking Ben questions. She decided then what she must do. She leaned up and kissed Newt on his cheek. He looked down at her confused. “I love you.” She muttered with a small smile before pulling from his grasp and running into the Maze. “Y/N!” He yelled, missing her by mere meters. This caught the attention of the other Gladers. They paused and looked to the Maze then all got to their feet, instructing her to get back. Minho stood next to Newt and yelled just as loud as him for her to come back. 

She stood just beyond the walls inside, her pulse being heard. What did I just do? She asked herself. Then she looked at George and snapped out of it. She rushed to him and threw his arm over her shoulders. “Thank you, thank you so much, thank you.” He blubbered. “We’re not out yet.” She reminded. She started dragging him back when the deafening sound of the walls beginning to close. Everyone became silent then roared louder than previously. “Come on!” They encouraged. She began pulling George with all of the strength she could muster. She was almost there. So close. She looked up and realized; Only one can leave. The thought hit her like a ton of bricks, but she knew the right answer. When she was close enough to the wall, she pushed George as hard as she could. In the last few moments of the Maze wall closing, all she saw was Newt and Minho. She saw their shocked expressions and saw the tears starting to build in their eyes. She didn’t know what to do in their last moments of ever seeing each other again. She took a step back and gave them both a nod before the wall closed. 

Minho and Newt ran to the wall, screaming her name and began pounding on it, trying to get it to open. Then a loud scream pierced the air, making everyone go silent and pause. Newt and Minho looked at each other, tears beginning to stream down their faces as they realized…she’s gone. Newt closed his eyes and faced the wall, resting his forehead on it. He slid to the ground onto his knees and slumped his shoulders, defeated. Minho turned and pressed his back to the wall before he too slid to the ground, his knees to his chest. He was staring blankly at the Glade, not meeting anyone’s eyes. Then the thought hit him. He squeezed his eyes shut and buried his head in his knees as he wrapped his arms around his legs. They both started crying hard, sobs tearing through their throats. No one knew how to react. No one has seen Minho and Newt like this since…well, since Newt’s accident. Alby got everyone to leave, to turn in for the night. When he returned to the two, it was dark and they were still crying, not moving from their spots.

 He sighed and crouched down to their level. “Guys…you should head back to the Homestead and get some rest. It’s been a long day. For the both of you.” He said quietly and slowly. Minho lifted his head first, his eyes bloodshot and his nose running. “Alby, do you know what it’s like to lose a sister? A twin sister? It’s like losing your other half and you feel completely lost and vulnerable. So can you shucking leave me alone to mourn?” Minho snapped before burying his face back into his legs. Alby sighed again and put a hand on Newt’s shoulder. Newt tensed a lot and Alby just now realized how much he was shaking. “Newt,” Alby didn’t know where to start for his second in command. He’s already been through enough and that girl has helped Newt just as much as he had helped her. She’s helped everyone. How can he tell his best friend his girlfriend is gone and he needs to get rest? He can’t. That’s the thing. Newt finally braced himself with his hands on the ground, now resting on all fours. “Do you understand…how bloody hard it is…to lose her? Do you know how hard it is to accept that…after everything we’ve been through together…after how much she’s helped me?” His voice was horse and rough from the crying. “She was my world Alby…my everything…” He sucked in a harsh breath before letting out a hard sob. “And now she’s gone.” Newt could barely hold himself up as he started crying again. Alby let go of him and exhaled. “Just, try to get some rest guys.” Alby said before he got up and walked away, despite how worried he was for his friends.

 Only sobs and some whimpers were shared between the two boys for the night. Finally, Newt sat up and turned, leaning his back against the cold concrete wall. His eyes welled up with tears once more when he thought how much of a contrast this cold wall was to her warmth. She should be with him right now, safe in his arms, in their bed. She should be running her fingers through his hair right now as they talked about anything and everything. She should be with him so he could kiss her and tell her how much he loves her. Instead…she’s…he couldn’t think about it. “I’m going out there to look for her tomorrow.” Minho said suddenly. Newt looked up at him with tears still streaming down his face. Minho was looking at him seriously even though his eyes were still bloodshot. “And you’re coming with me.” Newt widened his eyes. “Minho…I don’t know if I can-” “You can and you will. I’m not taking any of these other shanks out there with me. You and I of all people should be the ones to look for her. She’s your shucking girlfriend. Now if you’re telling me you don’t have enough balls to go out there and possibly find her because you’re scared of some stupid klunk, then by all means, stay here and miss the possibility of her jumping into your arms unscathed.” Newt glared at Minho then looked down. “You’re getting my hopes up.” Newt muttered, wiping his nose. “No, I’m giving you some kind of hope because you have none right now. I’ve been thinking long and hard while the two of us were blubbering babies. We still have a chance of finding her.” Newt wiped his eyes and took in a shaky breath. “Fine. I’ll go with you.” “I was going to drag you with me if you disagreed anyways.” Newt allowed a small smile tug his lips but it didn’t quite reach his eyes before any trace of it left his face. They were both looking up at the Glade around them in a sort of trance. “I really hope you’re right.” Newt suddenly said. Minho sighed and said, “So am I.” 

When morning rolled around, the two immediately set out to find her. Minho had all of his things packed and Newt only wielded his machete. Minho inspected the area and decided the Grievers went left. Newt only followed as they went down different paths. As they passed one, something caught Newt’s eye. “Minho!” He called. Minho stopped and came back around to him. New wasn’t looking at Minho though. He was looking at the pile of bloodied clothing. Newt stared at it in shock and slowly walked to it. He crouched down and picked up the blue shirt, immediately identifying it as hers. It was covered in blood…in her blood. Newt gripped it tightly in his hand and closed his eyes as he leaned against the wall again. Minho slowly approached behind him and saw the large puddle of blood. He practically collapsed next to Newt as they both realized…she really is gone. The thought seemed to hit them at the same time because they both appeared to have the air knocked out of their lungs. They sat there in silence for a few minutes before Newt let a quiet sob leave his lips. He put a hand over his mouth and squeezed his eyes shut again as he held the shirt to him.


 A year has passed since the tragic day. It was time for the arrival of the new greenie. Newt and Minho saw the new greenie and Newt helped him out loads. They were leaning against a log by the bonfire. “Here, put some hair on your chest.” Newt said as he handed the new greenie, Thomas, Gally’s recipe. He took a sip then spit it out. “Oh my God, what is that?” He asked. Newt laughed and said, “I have no idea. It’s Gally’s secret recipe.” They were quiet for a moment. “You know he saved your life today.” “Yeah well, he’s still an asshole.” Thomas muttered. “Hey Newt, I have a question.” “Surprise, surprise. What is it now Tommy?” He asked with a half-smile. “So, there are no girls in the Glade.” “I’ve already told you that. No.” “Has there ever been?” he asked. Newt looked ahead and sat in thought for a moment. It started hurting again. “Enough questions, Greenie.” He said, standing up. “I’m going in for the night. See you in the morning, Greenie.” Tommy gave Newt a nod. Newt had been sitting in his room for a while, just staring at his wall. There was a knock. “Come in.” He called. The door opened revealing Minho. “Hey shank.” He smiled. “Hey slint-head. Whaddya want?” Newt asked. Minho came in and closed the door behind him. “The greenbean started askin’ ‘bout previous people here. He saw the wall and when I saw him by it, I decided to go and have a nice little chat with him. He told me you left when you asked about any girls being here previous.” Newt tensed visibly. “Slim it. I’m not going to go into it too much.” Minho assured before coming over and sitting next to him, making his bed dip some.

 “You know he’s just curious Newt. It’s dangerous but he’s just curious.” Newt clenched his jaw before sighing. “I know. It still hurts though Minho. I still miss her like crazy.” Newt admitted. Minho clapped him on his back. “I know, man. I know.” Newt looked down and rested his elbows on his knees. He half-laughed. “Do you remember the sass fights you two would have? She would always have a smart comeback if she couldn’t think of anything.” Minho laughed a bit. “Yeah. I remember. Remember when she would steal my hair gel and hide it all around the Glade?” Newt chuckled at that. “Yeah. You would be ranting all day and you two would be sassing each other until you gave up and she gave it back.” Minho chuckled some. “She would be laughing so hard because I would walk past it three or four times.” Newt’s smile turned sad. “Her smile would just light up the Glade…and her laugh. She had the most amazing laugh. It would be impossible to not laugh at her laugh.” Newt looked down. “God I miss her.” He said as his eyes started welling up with tears. Minho patted his back. “Me too Newt. Me too.” Minho left a little later and Newt went to bed, just thinking of her all night.

 The next day, everyone was awoken by the alarm going off again. Newt woke up instantly and threw a shirt over his head and ran outside with everyone else to see what all the commotion was. Newt pushed his way to the front of the crowd that was around the Box. He looked down at it before looking up at Minho and Alby. Alby, Minho, and Gally helped him open the two doors. Newt jumped down first and waited for his eyes to adjust then gasped. He recognized her Y/H/C hair anywhere. He got down on his knees and lifted her head onto his lap. She was unconscious but breathing. He brushed hair out of her face, staring at her in shock and amazement. Her eyes began to flutter open. She squinted her eyes before saying in a small voice, “Newt?” Newt gasped, a huge smile coming across his face. “Y/N!” He exclaimed before practically tackling her in a hug. The boys all cheered and Minho jumped down into the Box. She woke up a bit more and threw her arms around him and exclaimed, “Newt!”

 He pulled her up to sit up straight and hugged her tightly. She hugged back just as tight as she began to cry. “Oh my God, Newt, I missed you so much.” She cried into his shoulder. He pulled from her for a moment and held her face in his hand. “You’re alive! You’re bloody alive!” Newt exclaimed happily as tears fell down his cheeks. He then crashed his lips onto hers. She kissed him back with as much passion as she could muster as she tangled her fingers into his hair. They were both smiling into the kiss. “Yo shank, can you stop eating my sister’s face off?” Minho joked. They pulled away from each other and Y/N’s eyes met Minho’s. She launched herself to him and hugged him tightly. “I missed you Minho.” She said quietly and sincerely. He hugged her too and said, “I missed you too Y/N.” She was still crying from happiness and Minho teared up a little when they hugged but when she pulled from him and saw him, she started laughing. “Is my big bro actually crying for me?” She asked faking astonishment. “Oh shut up you shank.” She laughed again and threw her arms back around her brother. “You know you missed me.” She teased through tears. “Of course.” He replied. He pulled from her again and said, “Let’s get you out of this Box.” She nodded and wiped her eyes.

 She stood up and playfully pushed Minho as he tried to stand, making him lose his balance and fall back. They both laughed. Y/N climbed out of the Box and helped both Minho and Newt out. Newt didn’t let go of her hand as he got out. He held it tightly and made sure she was close. All of the guys patted her on the back and welcomed her back. Someone said there’s going to be a huge bonfire tonight. Some of the Gladers didn’t understand what was going on because they came up in the year Y/N hadn’t been there. After everyone had dispersed, Newt dragged Y/N back to their room and closed the door behind them, locking it. He turned back around to his girlfriend who was sitting on the bed, flattening out creases as she began to tear up. “Oh, love.” Newt said quietly as he walked to their bed with his arms out. He sat next to her and she practically latched onto him as she hugged him. A small sob escaped her lips as she buried her face into his shoulder. “I m-missed you so m-much.” She cried quietly. He stroked her hair and back, breathing in her scent. “I missed you too, love. I missed you so, so much.” He said quietly. He picked her up and took them both further into the bed before setting her down in his lap and continued to comfort her. 

“It was so scary…” She trailed off. “What happened, baby?” She held onto him a little tighter and sobbed a few times before calming down a little and responding. “Grievers chased after me and one of them got me. I thought I was dead but when I woke up, I was in a lab. People were studying me and then I found out about the world out of here.” She shook her head and sobbed again. “We have to get out of here. It’s terrifying out of here but we need to leave or everyone will die.” She sobbed. “We only have one more month to get out.” She cried into his shoulder. Panic flared in his chest slightly but honestly, nothing was bothering him right now. His Y/N was back and that’s all that mattered to him. “We will, love. Don’t you worry about that right now. It’s my job and Alby’s job to worry about that kind of stuff. Not yours, understand? I want you to relax and stay here with me, alright?” He asked. She nodded and held onto him a little tighter. “I’m not going anywhere. I promise.” She said muffled by his shirt. He smiled to himself and said, “I know love. I’m not either.”


These are so old that it is disgusting, but here are some never-posted shots of Renay’s Albie (“Hartnell” from Merima’s litter) because she was having a bad day yesterday & had a test today.


June Book Challenge - Day 4

Me and my two best friends read all the Hunger Games books together, shared our feels together, and have been to see all the films together. And even though we are going to different schools next year, and heading our separate ways, we have already made plans to see the last one together. For me these books represent my two bets friends, and the good times we have had together.

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