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Hey, I'm Alby. I'm the main organizer/mediator in the system and I've been with the host since third grade. The host had an anxiety attack and an argument with her parents and has not fronted for four days straight, leaving me in charge. This isn't healthy for her and she'll stay away as long as she can. Do you know how I could convince/force her to switch back now that we're in a less stressful situation? Sometimes she's even stayed away for months and it's not good for her or us. Thank you!

well, it’s not always too good to force an alter out, but maybe you can try doing the things she likes to do. that might help “pull” her out a bit. for example i have this one game i play that two alters likes and it usually “pulls” them out to at least co-front with me. if you can get her to co-front, you might be able to convince her to fully switch with you. 

Why The Maze Runner series are great and should be read by everyone
  • Many many many different nationalities of characters
  • No gender is superior
  • A mentally ill leading character
  • Romance is not a major plotline, yet we still see the importance of love
  • Girls are bold and strong AND have emotions and cry because that’s realistic
  • Self-found family
  • No villains – everyone is fighting for what they think is right and everyone has a backstory (again, realistic)
  • Funny, heartwarming, inspirational and heartbreaking at the same time
  • Every ship is real
  • Sassy assholes
  • Doesn’t get boring
  • The protagonist looks like fried liver on a stick.
  • Boys helping boys and girls protecting girls
  •  Also set in the future
  • People die
  • All characters are realistic teenagers who run out of breath, get scared, eat a lot and stink
  • Girl is respected and safe despite being the only one in a camp with all boys
  • The protagonist is gay with his best friend, the author agrees