Flight of the Conchords- Albi the Racist Dragon


Albi the Racist Dragon - Flight of the Conchords

This is one of my favorite things. 


Maybe we can use this song to fight Trump’s racism.


Albi (The Racist Dragon) - Flight of the Conchords 

In the marmalade forest
Between the make-believe trees,
In a cottage cheese cottage,
Lived Albi (Albi) Albi (Albi)
Albi, the Racist Dragon.

Part 6. And so, all the villagers chased Albi the Racist Dragon into a very cold, very scary cave. And it was so cold and so scary, that Albi began to cry dragon tears (which, as we all know, turn into jelly beans). All of a sudden he felt a little hand placed upon his tail, and when he looked around, who should that little hand belong to, but the badly burnt Albanian boy from the day before.

“What are you doing here? I thought I killed you,” growled Albi quite racistly.

“No, Albi. You didn’t kill me with your dragon flames. But I am badly burnt, and horribly disfigured,” laughed the boy. “Why are you crying, Albi?”

“Well, I’m crying because all the villagers chased me into this cold and scary cave. I think it’s because I’m so racist.”

“No, Albi. They chased me here, too. It’s because… you and I… well, we’re different to them.”

Then Albi cried a single dragon tear, that turned all the colors of the rainbow! And suddenly he wasn’t racist anymore.

So they sat in a cave
(A cave)
And ate bubblegum pie. Yum!
Albi, the Racist - well, not anymore - Dragon.

Cast Iron: Part 6

(Typing part six gave me Albi the Racist Dragon flashbacks)

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Astrid’s house isn’t at all what Hiccup expected, robin’s egg blue and cosier than should fit with all those rules, but it makes an odd sort of sense.  She’s at home in the small, clean kitchen, chopping with that same set of knives she had when filming, and he watches a second too long through the front door’s window. 

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