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Latino Art speaks louder than words

Isabel Sesma, a Mexican born artist, illustrates a portrait of Mexican icon María Félix at Alberto Linero’s Gallery in Miami’s downtown art district. Félix was a film actress of the 50s. She is characterized by her strong personality and rough direct responses.

By Raisa Camargo


Strong aggressive imagery provoked puzzled expressions from more than one passerby Saturday night in Miami’s downtown art scene.

Portraits illustrating Fidel Castro surrounded by Snow White, the crudeness of a Toro’s rear end, and dark brush strokes of women adorned the walls at Alberto Linero’s Gallery during the evening hours of Art Walk, an exhibition of various local galleries in the Wynwood downtown art district.

Still, up-and-coming artists said they weren’t fishing for curious gestures. They just let their expressions flow.

“At first, I had a capacity and an innate talent,” said Dario, using his artistic name. “I saw the capability to make a line that was easier than saying a word.”

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