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I don’t know where to begin with Daenerys Targaryen. I don’t even know where to begin with Game of Thrones. When we first meet DT, she’s young, weak and under the control of her punk-ass brother. After marrying Khal Drogo, king of the Dothraki, she becomes Khaleesi, queen of the Dothraki. This new role changes her and she transforms from a weak girl into a dragon-lady. Seriously, she gives birth to dragons. Also, her brother dies, hooray! Too bad though, her husband dies, boooooo. With the dragons at her side, she goes on to fight for her birthright to the throne of the seven kingdoms and all that jazz.

1. I’m the Khaleesi, do whatever I say and everything will be a-okay

Dress by Alberta Feretti, shoes by Elie Tahari

2. These are my babies, they are dragons.

Dress by Peter Pilotto, shoes by Prabal Gurung


Dress by Donna Karan, shoes by Proenza Schouler

i always felt like desdemona of shakespeare’s othello was helpless. like a lot of shakespearean damsels, she was the pawn of schemes around her. she up and left venice to elope and accompany othello in his travels. as the plot unfolds we see that she is made to look like a two timing hussie with cassio by iago. all this is done because iago feels cassio was wrongly promoted over him by othello. confused? no worries…it’s shakespeare. anyway, upon duping othello into thinking cassio and desdemona were knocking boots, othello promises iago a promotion if he kills cassio. iago in turn convinces roderigo, who is in love with desdemona to kill cassio. things start getting crazy, othello smothers desdemona, iago kills roderigo, iago kills emilia, othello kills himself and then iago gets arrested. that’s a super bare bones version but as you can see, desdemona was pretty helpless…so she’d probably wear flowy dresses, right?
1: eloping with othello: dress by alberta feretti, shoes by valentino
2: i lost my handkerchief: dress by christian dior, shoes by stella mccartney
3: othello is being so mean: dress by giambattista valli, shoes by azzaro


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Alice was actually one of the first posts I ever put up. Can you blame me? I won’t bore you guys with all the details because everybody knows the story. Also, and I’ve said this before, everybody in art school or fashion school uses this story as inspiration at some point. Anyways, y'all enjoy Alice.
1. Through that there rabbit hole
Dress by Mary Katrantzou, shoes by Loewe
2. Yo, this tea party is crazzzzy
Dress by Christian Dior, shoes by Christopher Kane
3. Bring it on, big red.
Dress by Erdem, shoes by Alberta Feretti

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All images from Vogue.