Alberta Bound
Paul Brandt

██▌ ▌__ ゚ ALBERTA BOUND  )
by: Paul Brandt


Alberta Bound - Paul Brandt (for my friend Sphinxnomore)

- “Yeah I’ve been Alberta Bound for all my life, and I’ll be Alberta Bound until I die”

What I've learned from my Canadian vacation...
  1. When God finished the creation, he rested in Waterton National Park and has blessed Alberta ever since.

  2. I have finally found people who remember the Great War (cenotaph!!centotaphs everywhere!!!)

  3. All American candy is rubbish. See skittles, coffee crisps, and wine gums for details. Also Saskatoon pie????! I can die happy

  4. It should be a provincial offense to run out of poutine. Twice.

  5. Dementors are trapped in the walls of US customs. Two seconds in line and I missed my Canada.

Time to start watching Molsons commercials and planning the next exodus north…

Alberta Bound
Paul Brandt

There’s something about listening to Paul Brandt’s Alberta Bound while you’re flying into Edmonton. The sun setting and the bright yellow canola fields.. mm mm. I’m definitely not a huge country music fan, but I figured it would make the transition smoother by easing myself into the music scene here in Alberta. Granted the ‘music scene’ basically consists of blaring your fave country station while driving in your truck.  Oh how I love Alberta.

This piece of heaven that I've found Rocky Mountains and black fertile ground Everything I need beneath that big blue sky It Doesn't matter where I go This place will always be my home Yeah I've been Alberta Bound for all my life And I'll be Alberta Bound until I die

I spent the weekend in Jasper, Alberta at the Dark Sky Festival with my husband. We saw the Moon, the Andromeda Galaxy, nebulae and globular clusters (with the help of the Royal Astronomical Society and their magnificent telescopes) on a darkened patch of lawn in the centre of town–that’s my photo of the Moon taken through the eyepiece of a telescope with my iPhone! We climbed a mountain and we even saw Mt Robson, the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies, from the summit. We saw ancient waterfalls and dipped our fingertips in icy cool green-blue glacial rivers. We even met a herd of bighorn sheep (and elk and deer and mountain goats, too.)

I just wanted to share that with you ☺️