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April was surprisingly good to me. I shook off winter and found my way into more beauty than I could have imagined. That right there is the magic of spring, we get so low in winter we forget how high we can get on the clouds, and the new tufts of grasses fighting through the earth. 

Today THIS, HERE, LIGHT hit 3000 followers which is no big compared to the tiny-armed teens of instagram and their legions of followers, I know. Still, It feels like you’re a good lot. Like you really look, you try to see. I appreciate that and I think I’m going to give away an 11x17 print to say thanks for following along while I wander the prairie. 

More on that later though, too much work to be done. May is going to be hellish busy so that it can give birth to an amazing June. 

Imagine for a moment that Dimitri had survived the scuffle in the caves and life at the Academy went mostly back to normal.

Tasha decides to visit Christian to see that he’s okay after being directly involved in the attack. She stays to “spend time with her nephew”, which puts a bit of a strain on Rose and Dimitri’s new relationship, though this time she stays in guest housing, not wanting to stay so close to the wards by herself, much to their relief.

Rose’s birthday is a few days away when people start noticing them sneaking off to have private conversations. Rumors start working their way through the grapevine and eventually find their way to Tasha, who decides to follow them to see what they’re up to.

Upon hearing their plans to meet up in the cabin late the night of Rose’s birthday and a few suspicious comments about “having everything they need” for the night, Tasha becomes jealous and angry, deciding to inform Kirova that she suspects the two are shacking up.

Kirova, Stan, and Alberta follow Tasha to the cabin where they find that it is, in fact, occupied.

Tasha throws open the door.

Rose starts choking on the humongous smore she had half-way crammed into her mouth while Dimitri stares at them in shock, not realizing that his marshmallow has caught on fire.

Dimitri’s laptop is on the coffee table.

The cornucopia fight from The Hunger Games is playing.

An entire thirty seconds pass before Rose manages to clear her throat enough to choke out a, “What the hell?!”, breaking the awkward silence.

No one is sure which side is more embarrassed.

This one I WORKED for, myself and 3 others hiked up one of the freshly groomed slopes at about 12am. Lets just say it was a trek.. I like to say I’m an outdoorsy person, a hiker sometimes.. but this was killer, with my heavy camera bag on my back I was slipping and sliding on the snow trying to get up.

 As Jordan powered up way ahead of the rest of us I’m slipping behind. I ended up shedding my jacket because of how much heat my body had worked up getting up here. 3 minutes of sitting here taking photos I was FREEZING again, probably even worse because I was covered in sweat. It was worth it though.

The way down was another story.. we just sat on our butts and slid the entire way, it was actually a tonne of fun picking up speed down these slopes - going down it looks a lot less steep than if you’re walking up these guys. 10/10 view