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Terrifying Sasquatch Growls Captured in Alberta, Canada

What is making the growls/screams in the forest of Alberta? Whatever it is it sounds angry and within close proximity to the brave cameraman who seemingly doesn’t fear death and holds his ground and records it instead of fleeing. The audio sounds very similar to a T-Rex from Jurassic Park (or any other dinosaur movie) which makes viewers question its authenticity. Some say it sounds exactly like a Sasquatch should, which sounds like a mix between a bear and a lion. Sasquatch vocalizations have been recorded in a variety of different ways, from howls, woops, growls and screams. This does sound very reminiscent of other Sasquatch screams/growls but at a much closer proximity than the others which have been recorded.

What do you think of the audio? Was it real, or faked? Is it a genuine video but nothing more than a bear or cougar? Or is it truly a Sasquatch, screaming violently at the cameraman or other predator within its territory? What’s your opinion? Stay curious.

(*The growl at the beginning of the video is not that of a real Sasquatch or the growls/screams I am writing about. It is simply the intro to the video that the YouTube channel has edited in*)

YouTube Channel: Sasquatch Central II - Video Evidence


Imagine Waking Up to This Every Morning! von Mark Stevens
Über Flickr:
While the black & white image I took had a rich tonal contrast, the color one with this image I found brought a different set of contrasts. On the upper peaks and the left portion of the image was the golden glow of the morning sunlight. The clouds seem to wrap more of that golden glow in the peak of the Big Sister in the far backdrop of the image. On the backside of the mountainside though were textures of the rocks and layers still hidden in the shadows.