Alyn: Pure masculine admiration was reflected in his eyes when he saw the princess in a red halter top bikini. It was the very first time she had exposed a lot of skin in public. It would’ve been great if he was the only one who could see her but then they weren’t alone. Needless to say, Alyn kept on glaring at every male who kept on ogling her.

Albert: Albert would immediately avert his gaze, murmuring to himself that it’s rude to ogle the princess even if she looks so sexy in that black bikini. Also, massive nosebleed ensues that, coupled with the heat of the sun, made him faint.

Nico: He got surprised at the princess’ boldness to wear a bikini for a second before he returned to his teasing mode. “Pink really suits you better, princess. You look like those cotton candies that I love to eat.”

Giles: His expression was unreadable yet his eyes gleamed in a predatory way as his gaze zeroed in on the princess. “You look really sexy in that bikini, (Y/N).” “Thank you, Giles.” “But you know what would make you sexier?” “What?” “Taking off that bikini.” “!!”

Sid: “Someone as skinny as you shouldn’t be wearing something as revealing as that,” were the words that came out of his mouth when he saw her and noticed many guys ogling her. As expected, she got hurt at his comment and went back to change which made him feel guilty. Shrugging it off, he followed her to explain himself but nevertheless, the bikini needs to go. Especially when they’re not alone.

Leo: It was a pleasant surprise for him to see her in a bikini. He was used to seeing girls like that but not her. And with the way people were admiring her, the bureaucrat felt the need to mark his territory. The moment she got near him, he gave her a short yet hard kiss on the mouth which left her flustered and the crowd gasping. With a smug smile, Leo wrapped an arm around her and led her away from ogling eyes.

Louis: His immediate reaction was to lend her his shirt, commanding her to wear it. Pouting, she blatantly refused him. The blond duke glared at her for a moment before sighing. “I’m the only one who’s supposed to see you like this.” He was sulking which she found extremely adorable.

Robert: “Robert, you alright?” she asked worriedly when he just stared at her with a smile. “Yes, I’m fine. I was just surprised how much you’ve grown up these past few years, (Y/N). And you look really good.” “Umm, thanks?” “I want to etch this image of yours in my mind forever. Do you mind sitting on my lap?” “What?”

Byron: The beach was immediately evacuated per Byron’s orders after he saw the princess emerge in a strapless bikini. “Where are the people? And Byron, do you have a fever? Your face is red.” “I’m fine. And I reserved the resort just for the two of us today.” “What? Why?” “No one should see you like this but me.”

Also: the gardenias Melbourne grew so carefully for Victoria and then Albert was ogling them with his eyes and telling this oh-so-sad story how they remind him of his mother and Vic was like: “YEAH TAKE THEM” and Albert was like overdramatically ripping his shirt off

and I was like



like seriously

ps. yup, I corrected from orchids, I am really bad at flowers, but you’ll guess it’s not the point of my rant

ps2. and remember when Lord M tried to dance with the Queen, but this little creepy-moustache-guy butted in? ughh

ps3. ok Albert, you’re not the worst