Important things I’m picking up from interview translations and so on:
-its said that Barnaby prefers working with Kotetsu over persuing romance.
-Hero Book 2 says that Barnaby was ‘violated’ by Maverick (and I swear to god Japan you better not mean what I think you mean) and that he has extensive mental damage post-series, as well as physical damage he doesn’t care about.
According to PASH! magazine, which displayed his two day schedule from episode 9, he sleeps from 2 am to 7 am. FIVE HOURS IS NOT ENOUGH SLEEP, BARNABY. He also passes out from exhaustion at the end of the episode, after 6 hours of frantic searching through Ouroboros materials.
-in an interview, he compares Kotetsu to a parrot.
-When asked why he calls Wild Tiger 'Kotetsu-san,’ he gets very flustered:
“How do you-?! For one, he is older than me, so adding ’-san’ seems appropriate. Anyway, next question.”
-He wears an ocean-scented cologne.
-when he’s asked about his preferred type, he says he doesn’t really have one.
-He says he’ll gladly eat anything (you’re a liar Barnaby)
-when he’s asked what he’d like to change about himself he says “Too much.”
-His vision acuity is 0.03.

Tiger & Bunny Appreciation Week

Hey! So @zaikira4world is doing a Tiger & Bunny Appreciation Week for the anime’s sixth anniversary. You can check out the post here and I recommend you all do it, because I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’m not a very talented person in the way of making gifs or icons or art or anything, so instead, I’ll just be blogging. For Day 1:

Day 1 (April 2, Sunday): Favorite Character

On this day, you can post about which one is your favorite character in the series or the two movies. Also, talk about why they are your favorite and (this might sound a little naughty) what would you do if they came to you in the real world.

Well, my answer is going to be obvious, but even though I honestly love pretty much every character in the series, my answer is Barnaby Brooks Jr. I originally just liked him, but god, since rewatching the series as an older, more critical fan, it’s obvious to see the reasons why I adore him. He’s a character that has gone through literal hell and doesn’t really realize it, but throughout the series, he develops and realizes what happened to him, and with all of his mental issues, he may break down, but because his development through the series has also allowed him to find friendship with Kotetsu, he’s able to pick himself up again. He’s so incredibly strong for all the tragedy he’s gone through, stronger because he realized he doesn’t have to do everything alone. That he can ask for help.

I love the way the show demonstrates his anxiety and PTSD. It’s one of the few anime I’ve seen that takes that seriously and actually shows panic attacks and mental breaks and it’s not just there to make him a sad woobie, it’s there to make statements on what mental illness is like. And Kotetsu doesn’t fix him, but learns to help him cope with it. They both learn so very much through the series and it’s just impressive how he subtlely grows out of his constructed persona, the one he knows all the fans and sponsors and Maverick wants, and into someone who allows himself to care for others again, and find his own life and reason for living.

I mean, what with the abuse he suffers and his penchant for acting confident and cool when he’s the exact opposite means I identify with him a lot too…

As for what I’d do if he showed up in reality… to be honest, I’d just want to hang out with him. Throw a blanket over him, bake him some cupcakes and then just sit there watching documentaries. Give some self-care to my anxiety son.

Do you see this? This is the last picture of my friend’s family. If you look under the chair in the left bottom corner, you can see a face. That is her possible killer and exactly where the police found the gun used to murder my friend’s family. RIP Barnaby’s family, you will be very dearly missed. Reblog or this horrible beast will come to the foot of your bed at 2:57 am tonight and kill you. Don’t believe me? Poor Kaede Kaburagi  scrolled past this and ended up the same way Barnaby’s family did- dead. Please spread awareness of this, I’m worried for everyone’s safety. Thank you.

What if Maverick kidnaps Kaede?

Or modify her memories just like he did with Bunny? 

In the preview it’s shown she finally find out about Kotetsu’s identity as a hero… and it’s somewhat implied that she travels to the city and meets Maverick D=

Maverick stealing from him the two people he cares about the most in this world would be equally painful and exciting to watch, since we’ve never seen Kotetsu truly enraged… and being near Kaede may be the key to nullify Maverick’s powers.