1. regarding the bit with Skwisgaar’s panties from this lazy doodle. now everyone has panties with their faces on them too.
(tbh if i had one too i’d act just like Pickles)

2. just felt like drawing some gems with some mugs. Amethyst telling a crazy story to Lapis while Peridot seemed disinterested (probably cuz she was there with Amethyst that time and she thinks the story is all exaggerated)

3. meanwhile Garnet and Jasper are in the other room. Jasper’s probably bitching about that time she and Lapis fused into Malachite & was imprisoned under the sea for so long.

4. Nikolai & his puppets! I swear I’ll make a comic of these puppets someday but I havent had a finalized idea yet (im sorry anon :,< )
Also I put this up on Twitter & he replied :D

5. more Metalocalypse + Steven Universe crossover doodledump. oh yeah I paired Jasper & Rockzo for the lulz (though I dont ship them). That Pickles & Amethyst hug is from here.

6. wat.
also thanks to RichaadEB now i have Undertale soundtracks stuck in my head (the metal covers btw) & i cant stop humming them.

7. a li’l something for @alberthamrnondjr​. based on something from their blog which i came across a few months ago.
Credit time! i drew this cuz I saw mcconaughey’s sketch(WIP?) and I wanted to do something similar. At first I considered either drawing Rhett & Link or Twenty One Pilots, but i ended up with Julian & Albert instead.

rare strokes facts
  • albert used to be a rollerskating champion (x
  • nikolai caught rocky mountain spotted fever when he was 20, but still continued to work two jobs, play music and go to college. nick wrote a really sweet article about it (x
  • fab lives in paris (x
  • nick has pierced ears (x
  • julian used to check into hotels as “Johnny Castle” from the 80s movie Dirty Dancing (x)