albert the rabbit


In 1920, John B. Watson and his graduate student, Rosalie Rayner, carried out a social experiment that was disturbing and cruel. The Little Albert experiment aimed to demonstrate human conditioning by traumatising an emotionally stable child so much that he developed a phobia.

For this study they chose a nine-month old infant from a hospital referred to as “Albert” for the experiment. Watson followed the same procedures which Pavlov had famously used in his experiments with dogs. At the start of the experiment, Baby Albert was shown a white laboratory rat which he played with. Then, Watson and Rayner made a loud sound behind Albert’s back by striking a suspended steel bar with a hammer each time he touched the rat. After several such pairings of the two stimuli, Albert was presented with only the rat. Upon seeing the rat, Albert got very distressed, crying and crawling away. He now associated the white rat with the noise and developed a phobia. The tests didn’t stop there.

Watson and Rayner introduced Albert to a rabbit, a dog, a fur coat and finally “Santa Claus” all of which he displayed signs of fear toward. The experiments lasted for three months, with baby Albert living in a make-shift nursery. No efforts were made in order to desensitise him from his ordeal, and he grew up with the fear of furry animals still installed in him.

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Suitors and Their Pets II

Sid - and his Dalmatian, Jess, aka shake it, because she likes to go out every morning and return before Sid leaves the house and she “shares” with him that she’s jumped in a mud puddle ;)

Alyn - and his Springer Spaniel, Arthur, aka the crotch sniffer, because what better way is there to greet everyone, especially ladies that Alyn likes other than sniffing around their privates and under their skirts?

Rayvis - and his Gray wolf, Luke, aka mighty beef snatcher, as he likes to steal whole pieces of meat off the counter just minutes before Rayvis is going to serve his favorite Princess dinner. Well, now it’s a vegetarian meal ;)

Giles - and his Himalayan cat, Michelangelo, aka the annoying Sir Fluffums, who likes to sleep on Giles’ face at night and leave presents known as hair balls on the floor where Giles places his feet every morning.

Louis - and his Bluebird, Lucia, aka the most pretentious cock blocker, because if Lucia so much a hears Louis and the Princess getting it on she throws a racket in her cage. If she gets loose she’ll snatch pieces of Louis’ precious hair. Ooh vengeful little bird…

Albert - and his wild Cottontail rabbit, Benjamin, aka the lady stealer, because Albert absolutely will not introduce his girlfriends to Benjamin, otherwise they just end up cuddling with the bunny every time they get together. Even after they break up- they still ask about the bunny.

Byron - and his Snowy owl, Spinner, aka the freak, because yes, in the middle of the night or a storm, whenever you’re least expecting it - there’s Spinner in your face with his big owl eyes staring the shit out of you. Light a match or wake up in the morning light to find him peering at you creepily.

Nico - and his Red squirrel, Chirol, aka the kleptomaniac, as Chiron had a habit of snatching things for his nest, he takes anything he finds soft and nice. He just so happened to steal some poor girl’s panties, and leave them in Nico’s room before he hid them in his nest. Nico’s last girlfriend did not believe him when he said, “Chirol did it.”

Robert- and his hedgehog, Amber, aka hide and seek, Amber likes to hide lots of important things of Robert’s like money, his brushes, anything she can carry. The worst of course was hiding the engagement ring he bought for a former girlfriend, but all in good time because that’s why she broke up with him and now he met the Princess again ;)

Leo - and his Scarlet Macaw, Sebastian, aka mouth, for what’s worse than a person who talks a lot and has a living version of a recording device in his room. Yes, Sebastian will remember and repeat everything, especially at the worst time, especially during sexy times with the Princess.

What the suitors pets say about their personalities

Dog owners (Alyn, Sid) :most loyal and committed. Agreeable and out going and because dogs require a lot of care - dog owners make great parents and are the most fun.

Cat owners (Giles): sensitive and emotional men own cats. Cat owners can also be obsessive and neurotic.

Bird owners (Louise, Byron, Leo): they think very highly of themselves and maybe arrogant.especially parrot owners.

Rodents (Nico, Robert, Albert): Rabbit owners tend to be deprived of something in their childhood. Beware of dating any man over age 15 with a rodent pet.

J. B Watson/The Little Albert Experiment.

The little Albert experiment was tried and tested by experimental psychologist J.B Watson in an attempt to document evidence of classical conditioning among humans. 

Watson believed he could train a child to be negatively responsive to certain things such as loud noises through conditioning, he tested this theory on Little Albert, who was only 9 months old at the time. One of Watson’s more memorable attempts was creating a loud bang to scare the child before placing a rabbit in front of him, therefore conditioning Albert to associate the rabbit with something that made him fearful. Through this theory, Watson proved fear can be learnt.

Despite this experiment proving as one of the most immoral and scrutinised in psychological history, it has time and time again proven as a benchmark for psychological studies.

This is Albert, an awesome character created by Brando Hughes. He’s a pretty awesome friend and he’s working hard on comics as well! He’s helped me through some pretty bumpy roads, and is just a jolly kind of guy to be around. So this is for him u v u. He’s becoming one of the coolest comic artists, and I’m super honored to know him.