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New Dreamer Reality: Undocumented and Unafraid
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Where fear and shame were once associated with being undocumented, being “undocumented and unafraid” describes a new norm.

The UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education has published two books that chronicle the immigrant youth movement. Their covers alone are revealing of the change.

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Books Celebrated Worldwide on April 23

Luis Coyoy (right) and his father Filadelfo Coyoy shop for books in Los Angeles (Albert Sabaté/ABC/Univision)


Luis Coyoy and his family visited the Festival of Books in Los Angeles over the weekend to explore the latest in the world of books.

Luis, who reads as many as 40 books a year, picked up two more to add to his list.

“I like books that help me learn,” he said.

On World Book Day we share a video of Luis browsing for his next book.