albert lord


Album+Art Tribute to the Queen Bey’s Studio Albums

Dangerously in Love + La Nuit by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

B'Day + Girl in Green by Lord Frederick Leighton

I Am… Sasha Fierce + Silver by Albert Joseph Moore

4 + Ianthe by John William Godward

Beyoncé + Untitled (Black on Grey) by Mark Rothko

Lemonade + Natural princess by Sophie Anderson


You do know that your days are numbered, don’t you?                                                        Yes, of course. Any Prime Minister knows that.

can we talk about the fact that even though in some scenes drummond and alfred are not sharing any dialogue together, they are being fucking gay in the background and chatting and doing some eyefucking and stuff.

because that adds a lot to any scene. 

Shit no one’s mentioning
  • “Isn’t the scenery sublime?” *LOOKING AT DRUMMOND* “Heavenly”
  • Oysters are an aphrodisiac and you can bet your ass Alfred knows that.
  • Lehzen finally leaving cos I do not like her.
  • The borderline homoerotic encounters between Albert and Sir Robert
  • Francatelli and Skerrett finally fixing things
  • Ernest having an STD
  • Victoria and Albert cooking fish in their room cos ‘freedom’.