albert kuchler

A Prayer for Life and Death

James Logan (1674-1751), “Votum pro Vita et Morte” = Kaiser (ed.), Early American Latin Verse 25

 May I neither shun life, although
It be the source of pains,
Nor shun death, although it be
Hard to bear for everyone-
But may I bring life to its conclusion
Struggling vigorously with the Fates,
And when death draws near,
May I look upon it bravely too.
May I embrace each of the two
With equanimity, my spirit unshaken,
And may it be the same to me
Either to live or to die.  

Nec vitam averser quamvis sit origo dolorum,
    nec mortem, cunctis sit licet illa gravis.
Perficiam at fatis obluctans strenuus illam,
    hanc adventantem fortis et intuear.
Aequus et inconcusso animo complectar utramque,
    et mihi sit par seu vivere sive mori.

Correggio’s Death, Albert Küchler, 1834