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Fun doodle of Laika and Court of Miracles!Albert.

It was mentioned in that particular AU Albert, along with quite a number of people who were brought to Their World, wound up living down in the caves, particularly making the ruins into shelters. So, if Laika and her people were around, wouldn’t be too hard to believe a Thulecitian and a member of the court could cross paths. And thus this image popped in my mind.

Laika can climb up to the ceiling of the ruins with her legs and carry a person up there too if she wants. So just taking Albert for a swing just because they can. (Or cheer him up if he’s having a bad day.)

So yeah, just something cute. (Also smol Albert. I know he’s 15 in this AU but still.)

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Did Wilson believe right away Albert was alive in Court of Miracles when he removed his mask? And how did he react once he realized it?

Not at first. Wilson legitimately believed he was just hallucinating and that it was just a trick by the shadows. Not helped by the fact that shadows can hurt a survivor if their sanity is low enough.  

The only way Albert was able to prove that he wasn’t a hallucination was saving Wilson from a cave in. The shadows don’t save you after all. In the end, Wilson gave Albert a very tight bear hug despite his injuries. 


(Continuation of this: )

Laika slumped over a broken wall of thulecite, panting, holding up her prize from the slain depth worm.

“Well… least I got a glow berry out of it before the reinforcements showed up.”

Albert was still trying to catch his breath from the long run they had just had from the hoard of depth worms, the young man clenching his chest, leaning back against the wall.

“You’re… insane… you know that? Grandma said… never to pick fights with those bloody things… They always come in… in swarms…”

“I’m a trained Thuelcitian warrior, things like them don’t scare me. I could’ve taken them all.”

“Sure… Sure… Keep telling yourself that.”

Laika looked up, giving a bit of a glare.

“Hey, I saved your rear, I’d watch the tone if I were you, you Albert.”

“First off, Albert is my NAME, not my species. I’m a human… well, mostly. I’m not even sure anymore these days. Second, let’s remember you almost skewered me before the worm showed up so pardon me for not being grateful to someone who almost killed me before saving me.”

Laika sighed, lowering her head.

“Point taken. I apologize for my brashness. I’ve never seen anything like you before and with how you were looking around the ruins I thought you were looking to steal artifacts or defile the area like the splumonkies do. I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge.”

“Like I said, I was just looking for bananas.” Albert’s stomach growled. “Which sound really good right now. I haven’t really eaten much today and I was hoping to bring some back to Grandma to make a dish out of.”

Laika hummed in thought before setting down her spear, setting the glow berry next to it.

“Wait here.”

Laika hurried off, leaving Albert by himself. The young man wasn’t sure if he should take the chance to run or do as Laika said. He was still short of breath and with hunger being a factor he wasn’t sure if he would make it far enough to escape the creature if she were to chase him. But before he could think another minute on it, he saw her coming back, a whole bushel of bananas in her arms.

“Please, accept these as an apology. I don’t want ill will between us. I was always taught it’s better to make friends with other species rather than enemies if possible and… you don’t seem so bad.” She offered the bushel to him.

Albert looked at the bushel for a moment before taking it, giving a small smile.

“Grandma wouldn’t want there to be contention between us and your species. We only want peace and to be able to live here so… I accept your apology em… I didn’t quite get your name.”

Laika giggled, giving a bow.

“Laika. It’s nice to meet you, Albert.”


I few weeks back I talked about this idea for a jasico fic and despite my better judgement I actually wrote quite a bit about it. It also falls into the weeklypjoprompts so now I’m completely enabled to post it.

Nico left Jason’s things beside the bed as he settled down. He was turning to go to his own cot when a cold hand grabbed his wrist.

“Nico? Could you— stay?”

He felt his heart jump. “You want me to…?”

“Can we? Like when we were kids?”

Nico blinked, trying to erase the image of how the moonlight had traced Jason’s figure in the windowsill, how the heavy and embroidered coat fell over his shoulders. “Yes, yes of course”

He removed his jacket, his shoes and lay beside him, tugging at the covers. Thanks to the light filtering from the window he could see Jason’s eyes, the slight tremble of his lips.

“Are you okay?”

“Ye–Yes, it’s just—”, he shook his head and Nico noticed a glint around his ear. “It’s feel surreal, I mean— I guess I was starting to lose hope”

“I’m so sorry, I should have reached you long ago”

Jason smiled, his eyebrows twisted. “It’s not your fault, Nico. I don’t think I will have enough lifetimes to thank you, really”

He felt his chest constricting. “You don’t have to. Even if Bianca hadn’t asked me I wouldn’t have stayed still until we found you”

The lines on his forehead disappeared somewhat. “Thank you”

They fell silent, Nico trying not to be too obvious about his constant glances to his face. He had been dumbstruck when he saw him before during the day and having him so close made him notice more details, more clues of whatever had happened during his capture. His face and arms where more tanned, the contrast with his blond hair even more apparent. His locks were almost white, like the reflection of the sun in the sand. He was contemplating how long it was when he looked at his ears again. Gold and zaffre.

“Are you wearing earrings?”

Jason immediately covered his ear with his hand. “Yes, they– they were persistent into convincing me to adopt some traditions”

Nico wondered if he was blushing, he was gonna miss how easy it was to tell when Jason had paler cheeks.

“It’s okay, they– they look nice”, they looked foreign on Jason, at least for their standard, but the gold and lapis lazuli complimented his eyes, Nico wouldn’t dispute that.

“Thanks”, Jason glanced down and he could see his eyelashes, silver in the moonlight. Nico swallowed, his throat feeling like sandpaper.

He looked different, an apparition from another world, his beauty completely exposed. Celebrated, polished, like a crown jewel. Jason hadn’t been like that at court, he had a different kind of grace, a subtle whisper of beauty that you could sometimes see a glimpse of in the way his arms moved, how his lips curved in a genuine smile.

Nico wasn’t prepared for it. Even though his limbs had tightened in rage when he saw him being forced to parade his talents, seen only as an entertainment, he had been speechless, in awe of how much he had transformed into something out of a fairy tale. He pressed his lips into a harsh line. Didn’t that make him the same as the patrons, as the man that had bought him?


He looked up, finding uncertain sky blue eyes. “… yes?”

Jason worried his lips. “How is Thalia?”

“Thalia is well. She’s obsessed in finding you and she’s trying get her hands on the most amount of national affairs she can”, Nico smiled. “She’s just as sharp and as stubborn as when you last saw her, and Reyna has been helping her”

The lost prince blinked and finally his features smoothed out, smile soft and tender on his face. Nico felt his heart jump to his throat.

“That’s great, I’m glad”, Jason’s eyes followed the lines of his face and Nico thanked that he had inherited the calm mask of his father. “How are your sisters? Is Hazel still painting?”

“They’re fine, Hazel has already filled at least half a wing of the palace with her work. She’s visiting the East to learn new techniques”, he smiled, unable to keep his adoration from leaking into his words. “Bianca is trying to convince Father that she’s perfectly capable of ruling without having to marry”

Jason chuckled. “That sounds like Bianca”, he pressed his cheek to the pillow. “Thalia is probably going to do the same”

“I think she was the one who encouraged it”

He rolled his eyes. “Of course”

They remained silent for a few heartbeats, their exchange so domestic and familiar they finally seemed to be able to see past the traces of time. Jason scooted closer, his hair falling a bit over his eyes.

“I’m so glad it was you who found me, Nico”, he parted his lips, took a breath. “It was so unreal I started panicking about how I would explain myself if someone actually came to take me back, how would they react when they saw me”

Nico searched for his hand and gripped it tightly. “You did what you needed to survive”, his words were solid and fervent and they made Jason inhale sharply. “You kept your integrity during this whole thing, you were smart about it. You are still you, Jason”

Jason felt like someone had finally opened the cage that was his chest and had to squeeze his eyes shut. “Thank you, Nico”

He gulped, overwhelmed by how Jason was trying to keep it all in. “Plus, it’s not something you hadn’t done before, right? You always sang for the Queen and the court”

He chuckled, a bit broken. “Yes. Yes, I guess so”

“Did they– did they try to–”, but he caught himself, cursing his curiosity. Jason opened his eyes but looked at their joined hands, tracing lazy circles over his skin.

“Never”, and there was only certainty and honesty in his tone and Nico felt like he could breathe again. “He knew who I was from the very beginning, he was perfectly civil, sharp but always polite. He made sure I was comfortable and dissuaded anyone who could have any other motives besides hearing me sing”

Jason shook his head, frowning. “He was always a step ahead of me, I tried to search for any kind of chink in the armor but I couldn’t find anything. He was careful to control with whom I interacted and how much information I received”, he pressed his lips into a tight line. “I couldn’t get out on my own”

“Hey”, he tugged him closer, forcing him to meet his gaze. “You are not weak, or less brilliant because you couldn’t solve this on your own, okay? You kept yourself together”, he licked his lips, and tried for softer. “You were very brave”

Jason’s eyes searched his face, his eyebrows still knitted together and when he found no lie his shoulders relaxed, suddenly pliable under Nico’s hands.

“Thank you”

He clenched down the impulse to hug him tight. “Come one, let’s go to sleep. We have a long journey tomorrow”   

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New Orleans, Louisiana: Rally for justice for political prisoner Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, January 8, 2014.

“Supporters of the Angola 3 gathered at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans Tuesday to support Albert Woodfox. A federal judge ruled in favor of Albert, due to racism in the selection of the jury foreperson, but the state of Louisiana appealed. Over 100 people heard the oral arguments and anxiously await a ruling. How dare the attorney for Louisiana say that any racial discrimination was not intentional even if it could be proved? Racism in the South is so interwoven into the criminal justice system, that his statement was a cruel joke.


Photo and report by Gloria Rubac

Court Dress. 1860’s. Dress worn to court was the most elaborate and expensive ensemble in a lady’s wardrobe. In addition to a skirt worn over a very large crinoline, a train extending for several metres was an essential feature of court dress. Young debutantes would spend hours practising how to curtsey and walk backward in such an elaborate ensemble before their first presentation at court. Victoria and Albert Museum.