Meet Dash and Alberik. They are very cute, and like to nap and groom together - and yet, not a day goes by where this famous cycle of cuddle-to-beatdown fails to come to pass. They have a hot and cold sibling relationship.


I bring you the continuing adventures of my cats!  Tonight: A Study in Cute.  

Alberik, the fluffy white one, is the definition of tsundere.  Here’s a moment of his soft side.


Some pics from the past few days, taken with my new Sony a57! I am beyond satisfied with the camera :D. Here we have some cats, nature, and TriBeCa film festival shots. Ongaku and I went to the Beyond: Two Souls screening and Q&A, it was really awesome.  Ellen Page is the boss! I also want you to take a moment to appreciate how David Cage giving me the most sensual (???) of smiles.

I hope you enjoy the shots!