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The Death of Howard and Maria Stark - insp.

Tony Stark - genius, billionaire, playboy, and now orphan - is coping, albeit poorly, with the death of his parents. His self-destructive tendencies have hit a climax when Peggy Carter, an old family friend, finds him in a half-wrecked car by the side of the freeway, red-eyed but breathing. 

Where was the outcry and despair when SJMaas threw Dorian under the bus, when Chaol was shoved aside to make way for random Rowboat, when chaolxceleana met an abrupt end never to get the proper closure it deserved, when smaas succumbed to fanservice (some still say ‘fan pressure’) to force rowaelin down our throats for 80% of QoS, when a perverted colonist is labeled the ideal queen, when woc were murdered to add more dramatic flair to the whites’ pain, when Manon was completely ooc in her behavior with transphobic Dorian, when being bi is equivalent to forced prostitution, when Rhysand goes from the 'sexy douche’ to 'sexy feminist’ suddenly all to be Feyre’s deserving love interest, when self-made powerful women are only represented as eevviiillllll.

But NOW we have a problem with Mor being queer? The one time Sjm gets it right (albeit poorly), y'all are having hissy fits? NOW??


Cop Josuke completely (albeit poorly) stolen from @kousakukawajiri, please check out their post which is an actual really good drawing! Don’t even look at mine tbh.

Otherwise, I had an idea of a part of JJBA starting with a dead JoJo being found by someone (also a JoJo? or not) who was probably a cop or detective, and then kind of adapted it to be a sort of future!cop!Josuke thing. I always want to draw comics but have no followthrough so it’s hard to even make something this short, non-cohesive, and inconsistent but it’s like, something lol.

b99 high school musical headcanons

i was talking to @jokeperatla abt our love of hsm and welp.. this happened and we’re not sorry and also thanks mads for helping with this!!

-jake loves high school musical and sings along to all the songs when they come on shuffle and amy loves him so much she just rolls her eyes and smiles as he belts out the lyrics to everyday, winking and pointing and smiling at her the entire time (not to mention singing gabriella’s parts in a horrible falsetto because amy refuses to participate)

-jake and charles sing along to high school musical songs all the time on stakeouts. Charles is always gabriella because, “I cant match troy’s voice like you can jake, your voice is smooth and velvety just like zac efrons!” Jake would never tell him, but Charles does a pretty good Gabriella

-gina learned the dances to work this out and we’re all in this together when she was younger and she taught them to jake and once when they’re hanging out at gina’s place getting drunk she puts hsm on and they dance and its So Bad but they have so much fun it doesn’t matter.

-one day when holt and terry are at one police plaza, the squad is hanging around and talking and high school musical gets brought up. “Quality films,” Rosa says, and everyone turns to look at her in surprise. “What? The songs are catchy and the dances are good. Whatever,” she says before returning to sharpening her knife.

-They also agree that Jake is Troy, Amy is Gabriella, Gina is Sharpay, Charles is Zeke, Terry is Chad, Holt is Mrs. Darbus, and Rosa is Ryan

-Scully and Hitchcock ask what high school musical is and Gina banishes them to the balcony and locks the door behind them.

-Jake tells Amy that if she ever breaks up with him, she has to sing the entirety of Gotta Go My Own Way from hsm2 (she rolls her eyes and tells him she’d never break up with him and he actually kinda explodes on the inside at that)

-One day Jake’s humming bet on it and terry overhears and is like “i love those movies!” this surprises everyone, and they just look at him before terry is like, “what? terry is cool! he knows pop culture!!” 

-One time at shaws when the whole squad gets drunk, jake and gina teach terry the we’re all in this together dance, and the whole squad joins in, besides scully and hitchcock, who are asleep at a booth in the corner, and holt, who refused to participate. Everyone is shocked when rosa joins in, but in a drunken state she admits she knows all of the dances and loved the movies when she was younger (another tidbit from her dark past)

-Holt detests it. “It’s not a musical, nor does it depict an accurate portrayal of actual american high schools. How are they dancing so synchronized with little to no practice? It’s unrealistic.” Jake just sings the lyrics louder and louder until Holt’s criticisms are drowned out and he stops talking altogether 

-Despite all of holts criticism, Jake stumbles upon him humming “I don’t dance” under his breath one day and he declares (a la the kwazy kupcakes debacle) “I will listen to poorly written songs from false "musicals” (said exactly like darbus) if I want to!“ 

-at jake and amy’s wedding, jake asks the dj to play breaking free and they do, and jake starts singing into the microphone that the dj gave him and amy rolls her eyes before walking up and taking the microphone and singing gabriella’s part (albeit kinda poorly, but jake is so in love with her, it’s the best sound he’s ever heard) and they finish the duet, smiling and laughing while everyone at their wedding smiles and cheers over what dorks they are

The Supergirl SDCC Fiasco

To those who didn’t see the video…

Or don’t understand the uproar.

Yes, I ship Supercorp. No, I never “hated” MonEl. This isn’t about ship wars. This isn’t about Supercorp not being canon. Most of us (not all as there are fanatical outliers in every fandom) knew it was NEVER happening.

However….and let me be very clear on this….the majority of the cast mocked the Supercorp ship without being prompted, culminating in a disgustingly childish display from Chris, Melissa, and Mechad, led by Jeremy.

Now I can’t hope to understand what fans might have said or done to prompt such unnecessary school-yard vitriol. One is reminded of playground bullies and jocks with their popular girlfriends giggling on their arms.

But this is NOT high-school. These are merely actors one job away from serving you at Wendy’s. The LGBT community no longer wants bullying of any kind. Even from so-called “ally’s”. The “I have a gay relative” or “I worked for a gay-guy types” be quiet.

The mockery cut me deeply as an innocent in this, merely wanting my ship as a beacon of two women who respect each other, care deeply for each other, and in my imaginings (romantically love) each other. This is not the worst thing that could happen to an actor/actress by a long-shot, but Melissa and Chris seemed disgusted by it. This has nothing to do with Melissa as a person. Nothing to do with her real sexuality. Although Chris made several comments at SDCC that inferred that.

Supergirl the character, is by all intents and purposes “in the comics” bisexual. She kisses several women on the lips unprompted and many writers infer her intent. She spent time on Themyscira with Wonder Woman to train. It’s no stretch of the imagination to imagine the character as gay.

No one said Melissa is. Or Chris although many ship his character with Jeremy’s character.

No one understood why once again, gay people, specifically women-loving-women type relationships were subject to such mockery.

Only Jeremy apologized (Katie too although neither she nor Odette participated) albeit poorly at first, 2nd apology seemed scripted but at least it was less offensive in its arrogance.

Melissa and Chris haven’t bothered.

Listen, I’m tired of the excuses straight “ally’s” make,

“That wasn’t about you.”

“You know I love you, right?”
“I’d never call YOU a fag or a dyke.”
“C'mon don’t be so sensitive.”

If you’re a true ally, stand up for us.
If you’re a member of the LGBT community, let them know why they were wrong and respect yourselves by not groveling at their feet. “Famous people” are just like you and me but are privileged merely for their attractiveness or talent. Respect yourselves they’re not worthy of you. Don’t respect them until they PROVE that they are.


So I got a request to do a close up of my review sheets and maybe a mini how-to so let’s see how this goes.

My review sheets are for my AP Psychology class, and each sheet corresponds with a chapter of the textbook we’ve done so far. 

As for the mini how-to, for each sheet I make a list of the important topics for each chapter. I’ll use my third sheet as an example:

  • Neurons - structure and function
  • Neurotransmitters - names and functions
  • The Nervous System - breakdown of structures
  • The Brain - Lobes and functions, parts and their functions
  • The Endocrine System - function and parts

After I have a rough idea of what needs to go on the sheet, I space out where the different categories go on the sheet and then I just write. If there isn’t enough room on the paper for all of the information, I attach a sticky note over top of the section to finish it off. 

Sometimes if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll try and draw a sketch of a structure or draw a picture for the section (albeit poorly). 

That’s basically what I do for each review sheet, I don’t know if this is helpful for anyone at all, I don’t really think about what I’m doing when it comes to making my review material. 

Anyways I hope this is helpful to someone out there , and I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Katie <3

BTS Reacts - Being Introduced to Their S/O’s Culture

Jung Hoseok: Hobi would probably be really intrigued by all aspects of a new culture surrounding his foreign S/O, and he’ll probably do the most digging into what means the most to him: music and dance. Bangtan are sitting in the dance room taking a break, when Hoseok curtly asks you to show them some of what your local traditional music might sound like. As soon as the melody streams from your speakerphones, he gets a stunned look on his features that quickly turns to one of mirth. He’s never heard anything like it before - he bops his head to the rhythm, amused:

“Ah, jagi, your country really has a unique sound when it comes to traditional music!”

Kim Seokjin: Seokjin wouldn’t keep himself from asking all sorts of questions about you and your home. He’s not timid when it comes to approaching foreigners, so he won’t hold himself back from the inquiries, especially since you’re much closer than that. You don’t really have much to say anymore, so you blabber to him in your native tongue just to keep him quiet, to which he responds by speaking in yet another language (albeit poorly). He knows you have the tendency to tease him in your own language, so he’s decided to pick up learning a new one just to get back at you.

“Yah, I can say things you don’t understand either, you know!”

Park Jimin: It’s not that Jimin hasn’t traveled before and seen all kinds of people and cities - it’ll just take him a while for him to get used to customs and regularities of a foreign country, since they differ quite a bit from the norm in Korea. Having a foreign significant other helps him understand more, and in spite of how shy he appears, he would want to get to know all about your upbringing better. When you do something that seems unusual, he can’t help but wonder how differently you’ve lived your life growing up, not out of offense, but curiosity. You ask him what’s wrong.

“Um… jagiya, is that normal in your culture? I’ve never seen anyone do that in Korea.”

Jeon Jungkook: Kook would be excited to know all about the culture that shaped you into who you are today. He’d want to learn all he can so that he doesn’t embarrass himself in front of your friends or family when the time comes, maybe pick up a greeting phrase or two to impress them. You’re in the midst of teaching him all about the various customs, when he gets a whiff of delicious food coming from the kitchen of the restaurant you’re in - you’ve picked this out so he could get a authentic taste of your home country. He grins widely - he didn’t expect the food before him to look so yummy and wholesome.

“Ah, what is all of this? I don’t think I’ve seen this type of food before - are you sure I can eat all of it?”
( The maknae is truly asking out of politeness - he’ll gobble down anything he can get his hands on seconds later! ) 

Kim Taehyung: Honestly, Kim Taehyung would be nervous at first, when you introduce him to something so vastly unlike the norm upheld in Korea. When he flies over to your country for the first time, he’d be very homesick, but having you around to ease him into lifestyle and civilization of your home would get him excited in time. Eventually, you’ll find him getting more involved, speaking casually and freely to locals, eager to immerse himself in the environment. He glances around while listening to what your local music sounds like before speaking to you.

“This place is really different from home, jagi - I’m really glad I decided to come visit you.

Min Yoongi: Motionless Min doesn’t look the type, but he loves to travel. He has a very broad view on the distinct cultures every country has to offer, and he always experiences them with arms wide open. Being the traveler that he is, especially from Bangtan tours, he always makes sure he’s ready for any foreign encounter - having you by his side is like having a survival kit in your country. He won’t ask too many questions in case you ever get annoyed with him, but he does take mental notes whenever you explain something to him, that’s habitual in your society.

“So do I have to do that when I visit your home, too? I just wanna be prepared.”

Kim Namjoon: Intellectual Kim Namjoon wouldn’t really be phased by the fact that he has a foreign significant other whose traditions may differ from his own. He’s lived abroad himself, so he would take to you just the same as anyone else. He’s open minded and accepting of your culture, so there won’t be much confusion between the both of you when comparing societies. If there’s one thing he’s fascinated by, it’s probably the entertainment industry from your country - you come home greeted by the sight of him eating Oreos on the couch, glaring intensely at the television set.

“Hey, could you download the next episode of this show for me? With Korean subs?”
( Namjoon-ah, why are you watching a soap? From my country? )
“You were the one that left the foreign channel running!”

I’m not too familiar with Turkish culture, but this react can still be applied to your situation, and hopefully others, since I’ve generalized it. I did do some research, but I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do the react much justice if I’m nearing uncharted waters, so I decided to play it safe; I honestly wouldn’t want to butcher your culture lolol. I hope you enjoy this react despite the changes, anon! <3

1handedpiratewithadrinkingprob  asked:

I'm home sick with just the worst stomach bug. I wondered if maybe you could write CS + sick days? Like maybe Emma nursing Killian to health with modern remedies? Something like that?(:

omg I’m sorry you’re feeling sick, darling! I hope this makes u feel a bit better. xo I’m still taking fic requests!

+ Modern medicine is indeed a marvel, but it only takes you so far. Somewhere, way, way back in the hidden recesses of his mind, he can remember his mother. Her soft voice, gentle hands—the way she would feel his forehead, wipe away the damp hair, wet with fever. Anyone can force a potion down your throat, a foul tasting remedy meant to alleviate whatever symptoms of illness you might be displaying.

The alchemy in this land without magic, it is effective, there’s no denying that, but sometimes you just need that little something extra. Something like a hand on your forehead, or a song in your ear.

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anonymous asked:

"You're always number one!"

There was… something in his chest.

Heaviness, maybe. A feeling that sank his heart and soul down like an anchor in the ocean. He didn’t know how to cut the chain, didn’t know if he had a knife to it, and if he could even escape that and swim to the surface in time to breath.

Or maybe it was a feeling of emptiness. A hollow chest, void of anything, especially so after…

“Shiro’s gone,” Keith whispered to himself, as if saying the words out loud would relieve the tension in his shoulders.

(It didn’t.

Like the fact that the one person who grounded him from acting too impulsive or whatever the heck the people back on Earth called him was taken away from him, not once, but twice, after a few major close calls and a touch too friendly with death, because apparently the world decided poor little Keith not knowing his mother and losing his dad from some weird ass incident wasn’t enough to give him the optimum angst for a tragic backstory.

It didn’t.)

He felt a shift beside him; a change of weight, a sudden presence of warmth. A hum of acknowledgement, a moment of strange yet comforting quiet, and Keith sighed again.

He wanted to sink into the warmth. He wanted to sink into the comfort from the other boy - the boy who’d always screamed and shrieked and called him names, yet was somehow kind and considerate when Keith is acting like, like this - but he resisted the urge to move even the slightest inch. He didn’t think he deserved anything Lance was offering.

“Shiro’s gone,” Keith whispered again, folding his legs to his chest. “He’s gone.”

He didn’t turn to look, but he could feel Lance giving him a comforting smile. “Hey, I thought we already had this conversation.”

Keith laughed quietly, throat hoarse and mouth dry. “Well, yea, but that was about Voltron. This is about–”

“About Shiro,” Lance said. Keith turned towards him, meeting a gaze with soft eyes. “About you.”

Keith fell into silence, unable to answer.

A sigh, then another smile of reassurance. Keith wondered briefly if Lance had an infinite amount of those stocked somewhere under his massive cocky alter ego. “Shiro’s a strong man. You and I both know that full well. And,” he hesitated, “even if we don’t know where he is, he will be fine. I’m sure of it. And I’m sure you will be too.”

Keith pursed his lips.

“I mean, you’re a strong person, you know? Like, top of the class in the Garrison’s! Best pilot of our generation!” Another brief pause, and a fond voice, “you’re always number one!”

Keith looked up from his gloved hands. He tried focusing on Lance through blurry vision, frowning at the choice of words the other boy had used. “What do you mean?”

Lance shuffled slightly, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the attention. Grief in mind aside, Keith found it a little weird - and endearing, somewhat - that Lance of all people would feel awkward in this situation. “Well, I mean,” he said, gesturing vaguely, “you’ve always had that, like, air about you, ya know?”

Keith tilted his head slightly in confusion. “Air?”

“Well, yea!” Lance gestured vaguely again, and the normality of those movements bubbled a chuckle from within Keith. Lance donned this ridiculous expression on his face, which Keith assumed was an imitation of himself (albeit poorly done), and he said in a high pitched voice that was definitely not Keith, “I’m Keith, I’m emo and I’m popular. I’m unstoppable!”

The conversation went on, Lance doing poor imitations of Keith, indirectly complimenting him, somewhat, and Keith felt the empty hollow shell inside him get filled with warmth. He laughed, and laughed, and laughed, till his stomach hurt and his eyes weren’t brimmed with just tears of sadness, till he grinned cheekily at Lance and returned favors with the deepest voice he could manage, doing poor imitations of Lance which had the other boy gasping, mock scandalized.

The corridors weren’t filled with sobs anymore, thanks to a boy from Cuba.

send me a four word prompt :D

Choromatsu’s ‘Rising’ into Episode 24

Being completely honest, I never understood what was meant by ‘Rising’ when it came to Choromatsu?

All throughout I wondered… is this a concept used in Japan, to mean something specific that doesn’t translate well into English? Does anybody even understand what it means? I saw a lot of people asking, ‘what is “Rising” about??’ but comparatively, saw very few answers to the question itself.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and the more I think about it, the more I… feel as though ‘Rising’ refers to Choromatsu’s self-awareness outgrowing that of his brothers’ to the point where he transcends their version of reality, and enters into the actual reality.

Real life, as it were, so, getting a job, finding a partner, marriage, etc…

If you look at the ‘world’ around the Matsunos, it’s brightly coloured, very centric around the Matsuno household in a typical soap opera-type style. We see all of the same places, all of the same faces, and things happen almost in a ‘routine’ way.

In the episode where the sextuplets present their ‘self-awareness’ orbs, I - and a lot of people - assumed they were reflective of their personality, of how they viewed themselves, relative to their self-esteem.

And I’m not about to say that is wrong… I just think there is another aspect to it that was kind of easy to miss until the events of episode 24 were revealed to us. More under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Hello, may I request headcanons of the gods if their s/o had a knitting hobby (lol totally not projecting as I work on a difficult and tedious project)

I will just do the few main ones since you didn’t specify which gods!

-Admin Chey

Apollon: This sweetheart loves your hobby. He will sit with you and help in any way he can! Need him to hold the ball and feed it cleanly to you? Done. Need another look at the pattern? Don’t move he will get it. He is a patient boy and will watch you work until you finish. When you finally hold up the finished project and tell him it’s for him he gets so excited! 

Loki: No. Don’t even bother trying to knit with him around. You will get nothing done. Whines about being bored. Will do anything to distract you so you will just give up and play with him. Pretends to be a kitten and ruins your yarn ball. Will go through your basket and absolutely ruin every skein until it’s a tangled mess. Honestly, you’re better off locking the door because he will do everything in his power to turn your attention back to him. The last straw was when you came back to your room once and found a whole skein unraveled and pinned to the wall in different places like a spider wed encompassing your entire room. He’s not allowed near your knitting things anymore. 

Hades: Probably the only person who learns (properly) and will do it with you. Actually, finds it fun and likes being able to share a hobby with you. You both can talk and have fun together while knitting and will make things for each other (and the other gods). When he made you and him matching scarves and hats, you almost died. He blushed so hard at your compliments and when you said how much you love them. He’s just too sweet!

Baldr: Poor baby, tries. He TRIES! He wants you to teach him and you do, but he doesn’t really have what it takes as you can leave him alone for 5 minutes and look back and find the yarn actually tying his wrists together like handcuffs. Don’t even bother asking how it happens. He doesn’t know. He was knitting and then, BAM, he’s tied up. While you find it sweet that he tries, at the end of the day with the time you spend untangling him and unraveling his simple scarf so he can fix his mistakes, you can barely get anything done for yourself. He’s a sweetie but really he is the opposite of helpful when you’re trying to finish a piece. 

Takeru: He. Doesn’t. Understand. He tried to get into it for your sake (and slightly to impress you) but this is so much harder than any physical workout he has ever done. He doesn’t like to lose and refuses to give up, but he also doesn’t like to distract you from what you’re doing so when you offer your help he will thank you but refuse. He will figure it out on his own if it kills him. When you finish your intricate design, you are scared to even ask what he’s got in fear of hurting his feelings and he’s super embarrassed to hand you a well-meant, albeit poorly constructed, pot holder with a heart in the middle. When you start crying he doesn’t know what to do but you throw your arms around him and tell him you love it because he worked so hard to make it for you. “Maybe,” he thinks to himself with your arms around him, “this isn’t THAT bad.” 

ID #67370

Name: Ingrid
Age: 23
Country: Singapore

Hello! (: I’m Ingrid and giving this a try because it seems fun hehe. Let’s see.. I’m currently majoring in psychology in uni, and trying to learn Japanese, Norwegian & Swedish! Because I was born in Hong Kong, I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese (albeit very poorly LOL). I’m what you could call an extroverted introvert; I’m hella shy at the beginning & an awkward turtle, but that goes away after a while. I could talk for ages but once I hit a certain point, I gotta withdraw and recharge by seeking the company of myself/games for some time. Which is probably why I think snail mail would be better (although emailing is fine too).

I l o v e video games; my current favourite is Witcher 3. I also play Horizon: Zero Dawn, Persona, Dragon Age, Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy… Mostly RPGs! I also watch anime, like Saiyuki, Assassination Classroom (Korosensei !!!) and quite a few more. Tbh I think my heart and mind are stuck in these worlds way more than they should be haha oops. :>

I must be going through some quarter-life crisis because I’m trying to learn (way too many) things that I haven’t had a chance to, like martial arts, simple programming, tarot cards…. Yeah it’s a bit of a strange variety hahah. Also feeling a bit stuck in Singapore because I don’t have the means to be traveling - another reason I wanted to try this out!

Welp, I think I’ve gone on for too long. Hope you all are doing well and are happy, wherever you are! ^^

Preferences: Preferably age group 18-25 but really, I don’t think it matters~

spacedoutrocketeer  asked:

Any ideas to why Titans seem to have ignored/ have been unable to use the power of the ahamkara? I know there's a sect of thought that says that Titans were hnable to defeat them but with the scale of Eao I'm not 100% sure if that's true anymore.

Greetings, Colleague;

It is our opinion that there are Nine reasons for the lack of resonance between the Titan-subtype and the currently-understood (albeit poorly) Ahamkara-detritus; notwithstanding the discovery of the Scales of Eao. 

We consider this last to be a different matter, as the skin of a Worm is well-known to confer knowledge of nature and medicine, and when it is worked by unselfish hands into a Ward in the shape of the Hammer its power is contained and directed. 

It is worth noting that all beings are subject to change.

It is worth noting that change begets survival.

It is worth noting that nothing is absolute.

The First Harmony:

1) A Titan understands that the external does not define the self. 

2) A Titan understands that the self is only one part of the whole.

3) A Titan understands that the self is not absolute. A Titan understands lineage. A Titan understands the Continua. A Titan understands Parallax.

The Second Harmony:

4) A Titan understands that the Extreme is the source of all conflict.

5) A Titan understands that we do not see only with the eyes or with the mind, but with all Nine aspects of the being.

6) A Titan understands that if we want for nothing, we have nought to sacrifice for greater happiness.

The Third Harmony:

7) A Titan understands that if you seek the Worm, the Worm will hold you hostage.

8) A Titan understands that if you do not seek the Worm, the Worm will not seek you.

9) A Titan understands that if you mean to kill the Worm, you must smite it into Nine parts.

okay since i literally can’t stop thinking about tgt, malicious characters and plain lit injustice, i decided to finally (attempt) to gather my thoughts and tell you what i really think about the whole r&r ending fiasco and mal (+ mal’s role in it). under cut bc long/heavy content + cussing if you’re not a fan of profanity.

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What Are Friends For Ch. 2

An Undertale fan fiction

Written by Ichiwashername-o

Summary: Papyrus and Sans have a fight.  Undyne has a talk and finds out something terrible.

Rating: Viewer discretion advised.  Contains swearing, trauma, and psychological horror

Cast: Undyne, Papyrus, Sans, W.D. Gaster, and others

[CH. 1] [CH.2] [CH. 3] [CH. 4] [CH.5] [CH.6]


****Even if you have read the comic, I seriously recommend reading this chapter.****

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Urge or Surge?

At 16, the twins were looking pretty good. Mabel’s chubby face had thinned out a bit, and she had gotten a bit taller, but was still a shortie. She still wore sweaters, but not as much. Her knitting was off the charts, and she kept saying she’d make it into a business one day. No one really denied that. She got bullied often though, called horrible names like witch, possessed, freak, weirdo, even crazy. She never let it get her down though, and made sure Dipper didn’t pull too many nasty pranks against the people who bullied her.

Dipper, even though he couldn’t get old, was still attempting to age along with Mabel. His only main concern all through High School was Mabel’s bullying, and his crazy ache. Demons weren’t supposed to get ache, and yet, there it was, like a constellation on his face, mocking him until it would clear at the age of 18.  Mabel always calmed him down whenever there was a particularly mean day, but he still had trouble controlling his emotions. From time to time, he would make the lightbulbs shatter, or it would rain frogs for days, and that didn’t help his sister’s situations. He tried to ignore his more demonic ugres then though. He had gotten much taller, and his frame was thin and lanky. But at least his sense of style was better now.

It was a shock at first, wearing suits and bowties and tophats like Bill, he even had the little triangle motif. But once they had both gotten used to it, he looked pretty good. It was and always would be far better than his messy days pre-Transcendence.

The supernatural had spread all around the world, and the twins were surprised at how easily everyone went with it. They were even going to supernatural-based classes. (They had only just come out that year.)

It would be at the end of a day with those classes that Mabel and Dipper went through a situation neither of them enjoyed going through, and unfortunately, it would be one of many.

As Mabel walked home after her last class, Summoning 101, her and Dipper were in a serious conversation.

“Mabel, sticking gummy worms up your nose is not considered a talent. It is disturbing, disgusting and gross in eight different ways. Please, you have far more interesting talents to display than that one.” The demon argued.

“Uh, I beg to differ. Shoving 100 gummy worms up my nose at once is pretty impressing, even if it is gross, so there.” “That wasn’t even a good argument, how are you going to even audition? How do you get them out?” He pestered her.“Well, first I-” A hand crossed her eyes in a flash, stopping her in her tracks. “Well, if it isn’t demon girl the freak.” A high pitched voice caught her attention, and she craned her neck around to see Chriselda, one of the popular girls in school.

“Hiya Chris, how are you doing today? Did you like the Summonings 101 class? I thought it was gr-” Mabel was interrupted by a sharp, burning feeling on her cheek. Chriselda had a good arm, and she inflicted a lot for a slap. Dipper flickered slightly, his eyes glowing fiercely. A hand halted him from causing any trouble.

“I’m fine Dipper, I can handle her.” She whispered before looking at Chriselda with a firm stare. “I’m sorry but god do you ever shut up?!” Chris yelled, her gold-brown hair piled high on her head tilting to the side. She let out a small shriek. “You messed up my hair, you jerk!” Without another word, she turned and walked away towards her car, before suddenly opening the back door and letting her two brothers step out onto the sidewalk, both looking almost complete with a menacing glare.

“What’s this about you messing with our sister?” One spoke in a deep tone. “This scrap thinks she can just waltz around school acting crazy. I bet she’s doing it for the attention.” The other piped up, walking towards Mabel slowly. “We should teach her a lesson."Dipper’s fists were curled so tightly that, if he had a body, they would be bleeding. "Mabel. I-” He started. “I’m fine, lets wait just a bit longer.” She said calmly. “I promise, I didn’t do anything to Chris. We used to be great friends, remember?” She said in a high, shaky voice.

“Not anymore. She said you’ve been bugging her for a long time, and it’s time we did something about it.” They shoved her into an alley, somewhere where they couldn’t get in trouble if things got a little…messy.

“Really, I don’t see how we can’t talk this out, get over it, and be on our ways.” She whispered, feeling like a cornered animal, but she didn’t have the strength to bite back. They two boys shoved her onto the concrete, hard.

A quick hand collided with her cheek, another harsh slap. This one sent her head onto the asphalt with a soft thud. Another hand pulled her hund by the collar, then threw her onto the ground hard enough to make her vision blurry.

Each shove made another sickly purple bruise on her until she lay on the ground unmoving, too dazed and exhausted to get up again. All the while, Dipper was holding himself back, albeit poorly. His body flickered in and out of existence, the clean, sharp suit he wore morphing rapidly into thick black smoke. His entire being burst onto the physical plane, but in a whole new shape.

He vaguely looked like himself, but like a shadow, if that. With a body made of a black so dark it looked as if it could suck you into it’s immense void, anyone would be intimidated upon their first glimpse of him. His shapeless body seemed to crack, a gold glow burning in brick-like patterns along him. His eyes erupted into complete orbs of bright, golden fire. Sharp, pointed teeth in multiple rows glinted in the setting sun. Large black bat wings unfolded from his back, his transformation complete with an open third eye.

“W-what is that thing?” “I don’t know man, but I think we should RUN!” The brothers attempted to flee the empty alley, but they were greeted by thick black smoke, trapping them with the demon, the miasma spreading across the surrounding walls and ground until the three people (and one demon) were seemingly suspended in an inescapable void.

“Y͉̠͆ͮ̊ơ̞̥͚͕̫̺̾ͮu͆ͪ'̛͐́͗r͍̹̥̙͇̙͈ͭ̏͋ͩ̍͊͢ȅ̱ ̪͍̱̦͓͗̀̈͗n̟̲͉̘ͧͥͨ̚o̪̪͔̤̱̺̩͐̓ͤ̓ͦt̵̞̘ͮ ̷̗͒ͫͪ̓g̬̗̹̲͍ͯͩo͉͍͈͙͆ͅī̦̙̞̉͆̄͆̐̍n̶̳̫ͥ̊́͋̀g̯͖̗̦͍̣͙ͩ͑ͪͥ̏ͩͬ҉̥͈̮A̛Nͮ͊̒͘Y̩̽W͙̼̠͕͑̌̅̉͋ͪ̾H̝͍͉̬͖̱͕͊͒E̫̻͎̤̼ͯ̄̒̎ͫR̠̓̀ͩ̌Ë̶̳̤́̓̿̓̋̈́ ”

 His demonic voice drowned out any words the two brothers would or could have said. He lit his hands with blue fire and proceeded to slowly burn the both of them, without barely moving. He reviled in their pain, their anguish. It was so satisfying he could drink it in all day. The burns he gave them with his demon fire would burn them to the very core, and was killing them, only very slowly, so Dipper could enjoy it as long as possible.

Mabel’s vision cleared, but she didn’t expect to see a horrifying demon slowly, and apparently painfully killing the two bullies. It took only a few seconds for her to put two and two together, and she reeled back in horror. This cruel, merciless creature in front of her, was her brother? Dipper, who was sweet, nerdy, awkward, caring, selfless(for a demon), and so many good things, had become this? The evidence was in front of her, screaming at her, but she refused to accept it.

It wasn’t until she realized the screams of pain were getting weaker that she knew she needed to do something. Mabel charged in front of Dipper, held her arms out to protect the boys, and shouted a firm, clear “Stop it!” to him.

The demon stopped, looking almost amused at the delightful emotions coming off of the girl in front of it. The emotions were full, and charged with a sensation that only Mabel gave off. The girl in front of him, was Mabel? No, wait…Yes! Mabel, the name itself had a strange feeling. Dipper cocked his head to the side in confusion. Who was she?

“Dipper, please stop this! This isn’t you!” She shouted, tears threatening to fall down her bruised cheeks. Mabel, Dipper, these names had power to them, he could feel it. It hit him, all at once, he remembered Mabel, his twin sister, and that he was Dipper, the boy who turned into a demon.

His form vanished, peeling off his body as if he were shedding his skin, and, in a sense, he was. The shadows melted away from the walls, and the two brothers lay collapsed on the ground in pretty bad shape. Mabel looked no better, her face covered in cuts, bruises and dirt.

Dipper felt so drained he would have collapsed himself, if not for the guilt of scaring Mabel like that keeping him awake. “Mabel I-” “Don’t.” She said, looking at him with a sad stare. “We can talk about it after we all go to the hospital.” She said, grabbing his hand tightly.

This is inspired by James reading children’s stories on television and murdering us all with his beautiful voice. It’s also for ikeracity who has a big test today and who is going to do GREAT, DON’T ARGUE WITH ME.

Featuring Dadneto, baby Lorna and the struggles of single fatherhood, and Charles as the host of a late night show about genetics on PBS.


Erik reaches one end of the room and turns, treading a well-worn path back to the opposite wall. He lost track of how many times he’s circled the living room, but it’s enough that PBS has faded out of cartoons and into some kind of pledge drive.

He shifts Lorna to his shoulder to give his aching arms a break, and she wails louder, rubbing her wet cheek against his throat. He sighs. Of course his heart breaks a little every time his daughter cries, but after hours of it he feels a numb kind of despair. It’s times like this, when things seem hopeless and impossible, that he wonders if he’s cut out to be a single father. When he’s sure he should have let Magda’s parents take the baby when they requested custody.

“You’re alright,” he murmurs, rubbing her back. She hiccups and cries louder, her little hands clutching tightly into the collar of his shirt.

His eyes slide shut and, wearily, he turns another circuit around the room.

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