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Hi! I am a bit confused on the most recent chapter. What is the connection between what the student said to Hori, " your type is Kashima ((sorry not the exact quotation 0.0)) to Kashima being Hori's type? Sorry, I just don't understand why the way Kashima was dressed correlates to Hori's interest in her.

Hori likes Kashima’s face (a lot), he finds it good-looking but he tends to compare her to other guys, calling her handsome and stating she has his “ideal man’s face”, so being attracted to her as a woman never occurred to him up til now

When Kashima tries to look more feminine for kicks, Hori goes out of his way to style her in what he thinks suits her best (mature look instead of cute etc) and is pretty satisfied with the results

Styling a girl he finds attractive (albeit as a guy, initially) in the feminine style he likes on her = femininelystyled!Kashima is the type of girl he likes the most, looks-wise –> BOOM! HoriKashi

Rey Skywalker For Idiots

The first time Rey is asked who she is waiting for on Jakku, it is BB-8. Rey is optimistic and claims that she is waiting for her family. “They’ll be back – someday.”

As events unfold, Rey meets Finn after he pretends to be a member of the Resistance. She is able to fly the Millennium Falcon firsthand WITHOUT a co-pilot. Rey is obviously not the first SW protagonist to climb into some form of airship unwittingly. Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star using the Force in his X-Wing on his first course. Anakin Skywalker, known as the “best star pilot in the galaxy”, climbed into a star fighter at 9-years-old and proceeded to destroy the droid control ship of the trade federation. Albeit that this was initially unintentional, considering that he was just looking for safety – like Rey.

The second time Rey is asked about her family and why she is adamant to stay on Jakku, Finn says, “you have a family? A boyfriend, a cute boyfriend?” Rey immediately shoots back, “None of your business, that’s why.”

Shortly after meeting a dismissive Han Solo (somebody Rey is awed to meet), the rathtar incident occurs, they learn that Luke Skywalker isn’t just a myth, and Han decides to take them to Takodana where he offers Rey a job immediately. She declines again because she has stayed away too long from Jakku.

When Finn tries to escape from the FO indefinitely, Rey is upset by his abrupt farewell, and she immediately triggers a call from the Force to locate Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. She has visions of Luke, Vader, Kylo Ren, and herself when she was left on Jakku – all intermingled together, with the voice of Obi-Wan saying, “Rey? These are your first steps.” Just so, as Obi-Wan had told a young Luke Skywalker, “You have taken your first step into a larger world.”

Maz Kanata appears astonishingly to inform Rey, “That lightsaber was Luke’s, and his father’s before him… Now it calls to you!”

The third time Rey’s family is mentioned, it is via Kylo Ren mindprobing her against her will. Kylo unknowingly uncovers that Rey dreams of an island/ocean for comfort to her loneliness, WHILE he is trying to uncover the map to Luke Skywalker. He also brings up “the father you never had” when discussing Han, his father. Rey is able to escape captivity a moment later using a Jedi mind trick – something she had never done before, and probably learned from Kylo when HE was mindprobing her.

Rey uses the Force to pull the Skywalker lightsaber out of the snow OVER Kylo Ren, Leia’s son. She is subsequently embraced by wordless Leia at the Resistance Base and sent to retrieve Luke Skywalker ALONE, with two sole companions – Luke’s droid, which magically sprang to life upon Rey’s arrival – and Chewbacca, a close companion and friend.

SooO anyway, I guess Rey Skywalker is batshit crazy. Lmaoooo.

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                    the tip of a pale, slender digit, painted red by the broth which currently boiled beneath him, went hidden betwixt his pursed lips, eyes soon visibly alight at the pleasant ( although, still somewhat lacking ) flavor of what would soon be tonight’s meal——– not for one, or for two, but rather, the entirety of yuko’s close group of friends.

        call it a spontaneous rendezvous at the culinary student’s apartment… one he was initially, albeit understandably, unprepared for, hence his somewhat chaotic kitchen set-up.

                                 “h-hey, what does yuki, in particular, like to eat?” as in, what could he prepare for the VERY slightly frightening silverette that wouldn’t dock even more points off his probably already pitifully low approval ranking?


hello everyone! ♡

i have some very exciting news to announce! i have made my first 16-page zine, which is one of my small projects from earlier on in the year. the zine is hand cut and bound, with 12 brand new illustrations (which won’t be posted anywhere else!), printed in black and white on 80gsm paper. i would love to make more copies of it and selling this zine for quite cheaply (i’ll be able to ship it anywhere in the world too!) so i thought i would post about it here to see if there’s a demand for it at all! (i would also like to make some A4/A3 posters to go with it which will be printed on better quality and some more zines to follow up in this series but that’ll only happen if this zine goes well!) either way, let me know if any of you guys would be interested in getting one of these little silly things! much love ♡

side note: there is a terrible preview video of the zine (albeit the first initial mock up) up on my instagram if anyone is curious! 

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saphael, something about how simon suddenly realizes just how much raphael does for him/takes care of him after he turned

Exiled from Dumort is an ordeal in itself.

Where is he going to stay? How will he feed? Two of the biggest questions that leave him more than a little nervous before Luke offers up the dark backroom of Jade Wolf and promises to get him blood from a local butchers. At least it’s not weird when a Chinese restaurant calls up a butcher and asks for meat that’s extra bloody…somewhat.

Simon’s far from complaining about his new digs, he knows Luke’s going against some of his own pack to provide a roof over his head. Still he’s starting to realise just how good he’d had it at Dumort. The caskets had been a little off putting at first but they were surprisingly comfy and Luke second hand couch with its missing springs and slightly mildew smell is a big step down from a thread count that would make Magnus weep.

More than that, Simon’s beginning to realise just how much Raphael took care of him, little things that made his transition from Mundane to Child of the Night just that little bit easier to swallow.

Sundown three days after he moves in to Jade Wolf’s storage room, Simon rolls over, hand reaching out to the makeshift nightstand. Baring the dog eared copy of ‘Interview with a vampire’ (Alaric’s idea of a joke) and the light there’s nothing for him to grab. It takes him a moment to realise just what he’s looking for. At Hotel Dumort, every sundown Simon would roll over and a big glass of blood would be waiting for him. At Jade Wolf, there’s nothing.

Simon rolls onto his back again and swallows the sudden empty feeling that has nothing to do with the hungry ache in his gut. He knows Raphael is the one who put it there every evening, he was the first up as soon as the sun sunk beneath the horizon after all. Leader of the Dumort clan had a lot more to it than Camille hedonistic ways might have suggested and Raphael would be first up and last down every day making sure things ran smoothly for the clan, Simon offering what help he could though he was little more than an intern really. But Raphael was always patient with him, answering his questions and praising his initiative (albeit with a slightly patronising tone).  

Simon argues out loud  with himself for a moment before he fishes out his phone and quickly taps out a message. He stares at the words blinking harmlessly on the screen.

I’m sorry

They seem far too small for the task and Simon’s thumb shakes against the screen as he hits send. It’s pretty useless really, he doesn’t regret what he did. Joclyn is awake, Clary’s smiling again and they have an all powerful warlock book. Lots of good points but he still feels like he owes Raphael an apology.

He’s not expecting a reply or if he is, he’s expecting something harsh and cutting and possibly in Spanish.

Simon is definitely not expecting his phone to light up, vibrating in his hand with Raphael’s scowling face staring back at him. He hesitates before hitting the connect button.

“Uh, hi?” Simon greets cautiously.

“You think an apology makes up for a betrayal tonto?” Raphael asks, his tone sharp and Simon winces, jerking upright.

“No, no, of course not. I just-.” Simon’s stutters to a stop.

“Just?” Raphael snaps.

“It needed to be said…And thanks. For everything that you did for me.” Simon says quietly. The line is silent for long enough that Simon wonders whether Raphael has hung up on him.

“…Señor , dame fuerzas.” Raphael mutters sounding incredibly tired and Simon frowns.

“Uh, what?”

“Nothing. Have you eaten?” Raphael asks and Simon stumbles over his shock at the sudden change in the conversation.

He ignores the growing ache clawing at his stomach and up his throat and shakily responds. “Oh yeah, totally.” He doesn’t want Luke to get in trouble or for Raphael to worry about a rogue hungry vampire roaming the streets.

“Meet me at the end of the loading dock in twenty minutes.” Raphael orders with a sigh and hangs up, Simon stares at his phone and the lingering dull tone of the end of a call.

He doesn’t know what to think, it could be a trap but then why would Raphael ask him to meet him so close to the werewolf headquarters? It could be a face to face demand for apology or some archaic punishment to inflict on Simon. Simon’s mind can’t find a reasonable explanation for Raphael’s demand and curiosity wins out, he might as well. Even if it’s a punishment that Raphael wants to dish out. He plays Tetris on his phone until the designated time is close enough that Simon can make a start towards the end of the docks.

True to his word Raphael is standing at the end of the harbour, alone in the lingering twilight fog that curls around the blocks of containers. He has two bottles in hand, similar to the type Simon has seen his mother use for morning shakes and when Simon shuffles up to Raphael, hands tucked deep into his jeans pockets, Raphael holds one of them out to him.

Simon takes it and nearly moans after taking a whiff. It’s blood. Simon holds the plastic bottle close to his chest, staring down at it despite the hunger clamouring at the back of his throat.  

“Drink up fledgling, breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.” Raphael says, giving Simon a fanged smile before sipping at his own drink.

Simon nods shyly and little shaky and takes a sip, he struggles to swallow around the lump in his throat. Raphael just stands there, sipping at his own meal, happy with to leave the silence as is. Simon doesn’t feel like breaking either.

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I feel like if the kiss didn't happen then I would accept Stiles and Lydia as just friends, but since it did actually happen it's just too significant for the writers to just throw off and pretend that Lydia never reciprocated her feelings when it was so evident after the kiss. Like I'm sorry but that kiss was canon and I don't think Jeff would waste three years of development, so yes I definitely still believe Stiles and Lydia will find each other in the end. Stalia is ok but I'm not worried c:

Agreed. If the kiss never happened I would accept Stiles and Lydia as just friends. I would accept that Lydia Martin never remotely questioned her feelings. But it did happen and I think as a fandom we lose the more important points of the kiss because we’re focusing too much on the kiss itself. The more important points of it being 1. Lydia thinking it was a good idea 2. Lydia initiating it and 3. their reactions to it. 

The reason for the kiss itself is this romanticized notion that she shocked his system and snapped him out of it. Okay, except not okay (and no one is to blame but the writers) because reality seeps in and you shouldn’t do that to someone mid panic attack, but for the sake of getting the point the writers were attempting to bring across you have to set this to the side. 

I’ve read ‘meta’ where people argue that Stiles’ face shows that he is over Lydia. I obviously disagree, and I think its pretty obvious that the main emotion DOB was attempting to portray in that moment was surprise & awe. Has Stiles 'moved on’? I would hope so. Does that mean its over? No.

Like you say, if they were planning on tossing stydia into the wind they never would have gone down the kiss route. The fact of the matter is that there are a dozen better ways to stop a panic attack and get someone to hold their breath. Lydia is more than capable and aware of this, but at the end of the day Lydia decided to do it with a kiss & that speaks volumes. This is the most important thing I took from that scene. Lydia initiated a kiss & that may have been a spur of the moment thing or something that was in the back of her mind somewhere, but it happened. Both of their reactions were literal open-mouthed amazement at what just happened & if someone needs to tell themselves that that means Stiles/Lydia came to terms that they’re over it, sure man.

Stalia was always in the books … albeit it was initially Stora and not Stalia, but a girlfriend and a real relationship outside of Lydia was always the plan. Cora & Stiles had screen time before the kiss and Stora was already beginning to take root before Adelaide left. Stydia didn’t stop at the kiss & we’re still seeing subtle moments between the two that shows they still very much care for one another.