Concept: Boob madness never happened. Maka hugged her papa after the battle on the moon. Tsubaki played a huge role during said battle besides screaming Black*Star’s name. Liz and Patti saved Kid from turning to the dark side. We found out where Maka’s mama was, and even know her name. Wes Evans made an appearace. Soul and Maka are canon. Nothing hurts. We are not bitter.


“ the many voices of Vic Mignogna “ 

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Why are there fic writers out there who wake up one day and decide to make Spirit Albarn an abusive father who basically treats Maka like shit and doesn’t care about her? Like did we read/watch the same source material? Because last time I checked, Spirit wasn’t physically abusive to Maka. And he definitely wouldn’t do the things you’re writing him doing to her. I just don’t understand.

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4, 5 and 8 :)

Top 3 side characters

1. Ultear Milkovich - Fairy Tail

2. Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist (she is considered a side character right? Or not?)

3. Ibaragi Nobara - Gakuen Alice

Top 3 romantic relationships between characters (I’ll have to choose the obviously-intended-for-romance/canon ships in my list, which is short lmao)

1. Natsume x Mikan - Gakuen Alice

2. Syaoran x Sakura - Cardcaptor Sakura

3. Yato x Hiyori - Noragami

Top 3 fictional parents 

1.  Fujitaka Kinomoto (Sakura’s dad) - Cardcaptor Sakura

2. Ryoji Fujioka (Haruhi’s dad) - Ouran High School Host Club

3. Spirit Albarn (Maka’s dad) - Soul Eater

I just realized that they’re all dads, umm I don’t remember a lot of moms uh okay whatever i should watch more anime

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so there's a character named Kaden (Nishiki in the Japanese version) who seems like a character I would like (like, potential husband material); thing is, he just *looks* like a character who would be voiced by Dick Lasagna (like a cross b/e Edward Elric and Spirit Albarn), which would completely ruin him for me. and his English VA hasn't been announced yet so i'm left with this oddly specific fear

i am like 99% convinced tick magnolia is going to be in a fire emblem game at some point

just dont make me do this at 12:30-1:15 am again that is all i ask

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10 characters from different fandoms

1 spirit albarn (soul eater)

2. hiei (yu yu hakusho)

3 biscut ‘’ bisky’’ krueger ( hunter x hunter)

4 molly weasley (harry potter)

5 nai muhinyi ( karneval)

6 bartimaues ( the bartimaues tiriogy)

7 roy mustang ( full metal alcemist) 

8 leon ( amulet books)

9 momo (avatar the last airbender)

10 the simple dog ( hyperbole and a half) 

10 otps and brotps: 

1 ruby x sapphire/ garnet (otp)

2 aang x katara (otp)

3 chewie x han (brotp)

4 dean and cas (brotp)

5 gon x killua (otp)

6 lucy x levy (brotp)

7 clarie x simmom (brotp)

8 sans and papyrus (brotp)

9 dipper x mabel (brotp)

10 calvin x hobbes (brotp)

no particular order is needed.

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