“Ambition…”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *Soul Eater*

“Wes, how do I get a girlfriend?”

“Huh? Really now? But you’re just a baby! Do you even know what a girlfriend is?”

“Yes.. Blair told me.. and yesterday you told me I’m a big boy. Just tell me.”

“Um.. well, you have to be really nice to this girl you like. Be super nice and.. do special things for her!”

“Like gifts?”

“Sure! Everyone likes gifts too! And treat her with lots of respect!”

“Respect? Like with you and Mommy and Daddy?”

“Yes. Or like how Dad treats Mommy.”

“Okay! I get it now! Thank you!”



“Where’s Maka?!”

“Oh.. she didn’t come to school today. She’s sick..”

“I’m going to visit her later today. Do you want to come?”

“Ah! Soul! Tsu-chan!”

“Soul-kun brought you a teddy bear!”

“Awaa~ it’s so cute! Thank you! But why did you bring me a bear?” special things for her!

..Everyone likes gifts too!

“U-Um.. cause everyone likes gifts..”


“What’s wrong, Soul?…” how Dad treats Mommy.

“Please feel better soon!”

=_=) Well, I am but a simple-minded person and not a very good big brother. Excuse me.

I wish I can draw for everyone but alas~

This goes to Lady tsarodat, professor-maka, and epicminion. Have this for now.


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