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As promised, here is the awesome news I couldn’t wait to share! This September, I’ll be appearing as a Cosplay Guest at the Upstate NY Collector’s Show! ✨

I’m so honored and excited and can’t wait to meet a bunch of the con attendees. I’ll have a table there where I’ll be signing some prints and taking photos with anyone who wants them. The show is always so great, and I’m glad to be on the guest list this year.

Thank you for your support everyone, and the con staff for this incredible honor.

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💔 (brothersof-blu) ((THOMAS AND JAY ANGST WOOOO))

39. My muse is kidnapped and yours has to pay the ransom. @brothersof-blu

Jay had been gone for a while, but his brothers didn’t seem too worried. He had a show in Albany, and it was pretty normal of him to not come home for a few days after the show was done. But soon there were no calls, no texts, nothing from the younger brother. The Parkers tried to keep from worrying right away, thinking he probably got distracted and forgot to call and check in, but he had been texting Thomas non-stop all week, and now his phone was silent.

A day after no contact from Jay, Thomas gets a text from an unknown number. It came with 2 attached files, and it simply reads “we’ve got your little boyfriend. Bring us $5 million in cash if you don’t want the next time you see him to be at his funeral.” The files had the address, and a picture of Jay, tied to a chair in an abandoned factory, looking scared and hurt.

The more depressing then to survey the letters Hamilton sent to Eliza that summer to keep her at bay. On August 2, he expressed satisfaction that she had arrived safely in Albany and showed concern (“Take good care of my lamb”) for their three-year-old son James, who was ill. At the same time, Hamilton pressed her to stay in Albany: “I am so anxious for a perfect restoration of your health that I am willing to make a great sacrifice for it.” At one point, when Eliza seemed about to return on short notice, Hamilton, worried that he might be taken by surprise, exhorted her to “let me know beforehand your determination that I may meet you at New York.” In late August, when her return seemed imminent, Hamilton adviced that “much as I long for this happy moment, my extreme anxiety for the restoration of your health will reconcile me to your staying longer where you are”.

Chernow: Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton tries to get Eliza to stay away as long as possible so he can continue meeting Maria Reynolds in their house. Ah, a dream guy. 


WKST Albany Show - One Wish, Tellin’ Me, Who Are You, Honeymoon Avenue, Leave My Heart Out of This

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