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Unreleased Songs by Tyler Joseph

Time to Say Goodbye:


I Need Something to Kill Me:

Dollhouse (ft. Jocef):


Coconut Sharks in the Water:

Time to Say Goodbye:

What’s Your Story? (Blurry Line/Spoken Word Piece):

Blurry Line:

Street Poetry (Heavydirtysoul):

Forest (Forrest/Spoken):

Untitled Demo (2011):

Untitled Idea (May have become Lane boy, Hometown or Doubt):

Goner (Original Version):

House of Gold (Original Music Video):

Screen (Original/Demo Version):

Screen (Alternative Version):

Air Catcher (Alternative Version):

Save (New Version):

Can’t Help Falling in Love (Cover/Studio Recording):

No Phun Intended (Full Album):

Regional at Best (Full Album):

Live (By Jocef ft. Tyler):

Sickly Sweet Holidays (By Dallon Weekes ft. Tyler):

Five14 Church

Original Christmas Songs (By Dandee and Tyler):

Hoverboard Song (By David McCreary and Tyler):

O Come, O Come, Emanuel (Cover):

Whittaker (New Albany Music)

Rules of Reverse (ft. Tyler):

Lord of Glory (ft.Tyler):

Twenty-Nine (ft. Tyler):

Producer (ft. Tyler):

Dead Come Alive (ft. Tyler):


Miles from any classroom, in the middle of Northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, Dana Albany, a “book sculptor,” creates a massive sculpture of the human body. It is composed of out-of-date textbooks and discarded library books. She names this giant figure: Body of Knowledge. It is burned to the ground. No one objects.

BODY of KNOWLEDGE by Dana Albany

BURNING MAN 2000, Black Rock Desert, northern NEVADA, USA

photo credit: “Scott Beale / Laughing Squid”


27 April 1882 – Wedding of Prince Leopold and Princess Helena of Waldeck-Pyrmont at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.

‘A lovely sight she was, her white satin dress & train, embroidered with silver lilies & trimmed with Brussels lace. She wore on her head a diamond diadem, in the shape of flowers (a Waldeck family jewel) surrounded by a bridal wreath & a long tulle veil’ Queen Victoria


In mid-February, when the birth was imminent, Leopold, Helen and the Princess of Waldeck, settled into Windsor Castle. At half-past six, on the evening of 25 February 1883, Helen gave birth to a healthy baby girl, with tick, dark air. Leopold had always loved children, and was the kindest uncle and godafther. Now he was a father himself and his pleasure was boundless, even though he had hoped for a boy; he wrote to everyone, describing “the young Stranger…. a very large child, & said to resemble very much the old Royal Family, though it has the dark brown hair, & a great deal of its Mother.” The christening did take place as planned, in the private chapel at Windsor, though the Queen was in a wheelchair having hurt her leg, and Leopold was on crutches, but Louisa Knightley noticed how happy he looked. It would be the last happy moment at Windsor for some time. 

Queen Victoria’s youngest son : the untold story of Prince Leopold by Charlotte Zeepvat.