I don’t get Albanian Moms, honestly.
Four exhausting weeks of studying and exams have passed and all I want is to go out and enjoy life.
I met my friend at 4.30 p.m. and got an angry call at 8 p.m. why I am still not home and if I have a boyfriend, because I was the WHOLE DAY(aha mom) outside.
This shit needs to stop. Other parents would die for having kids like me.
Being albanian really sucks sometimes.

You know what I hate the most about being albanian?

The fact, that your parents will always compare you to other kids.
“But Fatmires daughter is only 15 and she brought us tea and sweets.. the WHOLE evening!" 
Ohhh fuck Fatimres Daughter because she’s also a bitch.
When do albanian parents start to realise, that you can’t compare your kids to others, because every kid has his good and bad sides.