albanianheavy replied to your post:Can’t find no liquor.  Happy bloody birthday to…

It’s yer birthday? Happy birthday, Dawit-Bro! *he offers the Sniper some fine-choice whiskey as a gift* Here—- Just somethin’ small, eh?

//He rubs his eyes and takes the bottle, letting out a mighty yawn.//

Reckon it is. I’m 35, now. Amazing, ain’t it? How’d I make it this far? I don’t know…

//He takes a deep breath.// 

But uh, thank you. 


  • Do I even have to say it? Chances are he’s pretty well-endowed. Just… proportionately speaking.
  • That. Tongue.
  • Again, you just have to look at him. The guy is a built like a mountain, with just the right amount of softness in the middle. 
  • Serg’s got the patience and the size to deal with Joey’s sass mouth.
  • He’s literally a bear.


  • Serg’s seriously lacking in the personal hygiene department. Shower first, pls.
  • He’s also not the sharpest knife in the drawer, which can either be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation.
  • Hair. Everywhere. On everything, in everything.
  • Those big gnarly claws might kind of make prepping and certain other activities a problem. I feel for Nashita.
  • He’s literally a bear.

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♔ [Ohaider :3c, also wow good way to make new pals, gg Serg.]

Send in ♔ for my muse’s reaction to yours pushing mine up against the wall 

Lysandre had just been out for a short smoke break, he had leaned against a nearby building, and was just now slipping his zippo lighter away. Though once the sound of footsteps drawing near began to seem to be approaching him, he’d lower the cigarette from his lips, and looked up from the ground. It was too bad he didn’t realize this was Nashita’s man, otherwise he would have just continued smoking out of respect for the woman. But, instead, he’d waggle his brows some, and wink at the other. Though, before he had time to come up with some witty, and flirtatious comment, the taller male had already began to fill the space between them.

Being the dumb fuck  ignorant guy Lysandre is, he assumed that the other wasn’t one for words; though, since he hadn't received any kisses, or booty grabs, he now assumed he was about to be murdered for trying to flirt.

“Erm, jeou can back away now, Ai’ uh, was just messing with jeou.” He whined out, as his cigarette slipped from his fingers, his hands would raise to attempt to shove the other away. (Which obviously didn’t do much of anything.)